September 2007

Front Beach Road CRA Updates in Panama City Beach

September 29, 2007 • 13 comments

This past week, I had the great pleasure of spending some time with Ben Faust, the Vice President of DRMP, the consultant firm that is handling all aspects of the […]

by Jason Koertge

Welcome to the New

September 26, 2007 • 0 comments

Welcome to the new  It looks the same, but it is filled with all sorts of sweet new features.  I put together a quick orientation video to show you […]

by Jason Koertge

Thomas Drive Flyover Project

September 25, 2007 • 0 comments

I had the great pleasure of attending the Thomas Drive flyover project public information meeting this evening. I said public information, but there really wasn’t much information to get. I […]

by Jason Koertge

This week in Pier Park

September 22, 2007 • 1 comment

I’ve had the hopes of making it out to Pier Park to take pictures each week to document the progress, but I’ve, so far, been unsuccessful. However, below are some […]

by Jason Koertge

FED Cut Rates – Good or Bad?

September 22, 2007 • 0 comments

In a meeting last Tuesday, the FED cut interest rates by a half a point, down to 4.75, but some economists are saying too little too late. In a newsletter […]

by Jason Koertge

Bay County Tax Watch and comments

September 20, 2007 • 1 comment

The current tax issues are a hot topic, and rightfully so. I’ve had numerous comments and emails regarding the tax increases over the last couple of years and I decided […]

by Jason Koertge

Airport Relocation Lawsuits, TRIM Dispute Deadline Extended

September 20, 2007 • 0 comments

Two lawsuits are expected to surface against the airport relocation: The National Resources Defense Council – challenges the legitimacy of the FAA’s decision to approve the airport given the potential […]

by Jason Koertge


September 19, 2007 • 0 comments

In a bold move, the Fed cut interest rates by a half point to 4.75 down from 5.25 on Tuesday. Fear of recession, signs of a housing slump, and urgings […]

by Jason Koertge

Bay Tax Foundation – Trim Buring Event

September 15, 2007 • 0 comments

Many of the Trim notices that went out last month from the Bay County Property Appraiser’s Office were received with much contention. With some experiencing tax increases of 400% or […]

by Jason Koertge

Panama City Airport Relocation in the News Elsewhere

September 13, 2007 • 2 comments

News of the Panama City Bay County International Airport is in the news in Jacksonville. This makes sense as St. Joe, with one of Florida’s largest real estate holdings with […]

by Jason Koertge