A Jazzy Introduction to A Weekend of Smooth Music

by April 18, 2009 • 0 comments

jazzmeeti82Thursday afternoon at Pier Park’s Border’s Bookstore, I listened to a sample of the artists performing at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival. And if this weekend’s entrée is anything like the appetizer, this beach will never be the same. I witnessed first-hand Nick Colionne, Eric Darius, Shilts, Matt Marshak, and Jackeim Joyner transform a normally quiet bookstore into a raucous jazz club. Honestly, I’ve never experienced a bookstore as exciting as Border’s was on April 17th.

Jackeim Joyner started things off with a silky saxophone that swayed heads and rocked shoulders throughout the building. Shilts, then Matt Marshak followed, working the crowd with one of the best jazz guitars I have ever heard. All this before Eric Darius got into the crowd, literally, as he saxed his way through cheering fans, electrifying the entire bookstore. Quite the showman, internationally acclaimed guitarist Nick Colionne came afterward and smoothed things over with a guitar for the ages.

By the time the show was over, the CD’s were sold out and waves of people danced their way back into Pier Park for shopping and dining excited about the night’s festivities.

jazzmeeti14Trust me, if you don’t do anything this busy PCB weekend, go see one of these bands. The jazz is absolutely amazing and the artists are the most talented in the country. PCBDaily will be covering the whole event so if you see us, give us a shout and let us know what you think about what’s sure to be an annual treat for residents and tourists alike.

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