Bike Stolen at Bike Week

by October 2, 2008 • 1 comment

Friends, fellow bikers and non-bikers alike, over the weekend, a reader was here participating in Bike Week and fell victim to theft.  Saturday night, September 27th, Joe was at Ms. Newby’s on Thomas Drive and left his bike, along with many others, parked in the Moby Dick parking lot, just down the street from Newbys.  Sometime between 9:30 pm and midnight, his bike was stolen.

The bike is a 2007 Harley Heritage, Dark Cherry and Pewter in color.  It has flame grips, rider floorboards, passenger floorboards, front brake pad, shifter pads, and a timer cover.  It also has Rush Slip-on pipes, and American and POW/MIA flags attached to the sissy bar.  According to Joe, the bike was parked under one of the lights in the parking lot.

Joe was told by the owner of Moby Dicks that no bikes were towed from his parking lot all weekend, nor do they have a security camera that may provide any leads.

A report has been filed with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

Please be on the look out for Joe’s bike, and if you should see something that looks suspicious, please contact the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, or you can contact me at and I’ll forward any messages on to the owner of the missing bike.

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1 Comment


1 Freespirit October 2, 2008 at 11:26 pm

It’s really sad to hear some low life has
to steal a bikers ride especially during Bike
Week but it seems to happen every year lately.
We have been fortunate here in PCB that the
real hard core bike theft rings that travel around to all the major rallies and steel semi
truck loads of bikes…haven’t infiltered us yet…bike weeks makes it easy for these professional rings to snatch and
go….ya never see em again…the bikes that is…2 years ago we had one of our own county
sherrif’s deputy get his brand new chopper snatched from the Boardwalk in broad day light.
So fellow riders … lock em up and check on your ride ever so often.
Too bad there is no way to get a real number of
folks that come to our bike week here…been
tryin to figure that out for quite a few years
now…..but having attended and partisipated
in the last 16 rallies here in PCB…I feel
pretty confident to say that this fall was way
way down in attendance…probably by 12-15,000
folks…due to whatever…the overall economy
for sure but since we know Atlanta is by far the largest feeder market to the rally…the
search for gas up there came at the wrong time
for us to get the normal barage of Georgia riders….the usual early week crowd was just
non existant…when I rode the beach wed. nite
from one end to the other….wow…it was pretty scary …very little going on and empty
parking lots at businesses and hotels. Finally
the 3 nite reservations started rollin in late
Thursday….and the 2 niters were the largest
numbers and made it a decent weekend …but yes
folks this fall was way off in attendance and
a lot fewer vendors than normal even with several new venues coming into the mix which is a whole new episode to be continued …in
the spring that is….well enough for now from
the Freespirit …..but listen up …more to
come soon 🙂 I promise. Lots to share with Y’all !!!!

The Freespirit of PCB