Bike Week on Panama City Beach, Day 3

by September 27, 2008 • 1 comment

Me?  I’m great, other than my legs feel like they are about to fall off and I’m totally and completely wiped out.  But, I had fun.

What many may argue as the first day of Bike Week on Panama City Beach, today was awesome.  Technically the festivities started Wednesday.  Some of the venues were open, some bikers had come in town, but for the most part, many of us were worried about the turnout for this rally.  Things started picking up yesterday, but today, man o’ man, the bikers rolled in.

Talking around, the numbers still seemed down from this time last year, and I think most agree the current state of the economy and gas prices are to blame.  However, overall the vendors I talked to seem to be pretty pleased.

The Apollo Chopper guys were ecstatic having sold 6 bikes between today and yesterday.  Merchandise sales seemed to be going very well all around, and at 10 o’ clock tonight, Club La Vela and Ms. Newby’s seemed to be the only party in town.  People were almost fighting for a parking spot at La Vela, bikers and cars alike.

I rode all day, and went pretty much everywhere; so did everyone else.  There were bikers everywhere – from Back Beach Road, to Pier Park, all up and down Front Beach Road, at all the gas stations, condos, hotels.  They were packed in groups on the side of the road, talking, hanging out.

Tomorrow should be fun.

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1 Comment


1 Ron September 27, 2008 at 8:01 pm

So far this week I’ve seen bikes of all shapes, colors and sizes. I’ve seen riders of all shapes, colors, and sizes and I’ve seen passengers of all shapes………..uh, I’ve seen a lot, OK!
Here’s the kicker. I live on Nautilus St. and it seems to be the cut through for bikers. As a result, I get a chair and some cool ones, kick back and enjoy the rolling bike show right in my own front yard. To quote Buzz, “Is that cool or what? Everybody drives (by)” I would say I get 1200-1500 bikes through here per day.
I’ve been working on a little teardrop camper and at times I looked like one of the venues, I had so many checking it out.
I’m a pretty lucky guy, can’t wait until spring.