Bonfires on Panama City Beach Friday Night

by February 11, 2009 • 0 comments

In celebration of the Valentines holiday, the City of Panama City Beach has allowed special permits to be pulled for property and resort owners to build a bonfire on their little stretch of beach.

The bonfires will be Friday evening and will set the mood for a romantic experience with your friends and loved ones.

7 properties have pulled the permits so far, including Beach Towers Resort, Shores of Panama, Sugar Sands, Grand Panama, Tidewater, Sterling Breeze, and the Chateau motel.

Here are some tips if you are a property that is wanting to host a bonfire:

  • A permit is required, you must get this through the City of Panama City Beach.
  • Make sure that the weather is right for a fire. Even if the area is not particularly dry, high winds may drive the fire out of your control
  • Bring necessary supplies and equipment for the fire. (Starter logs, NO LIGHTER FLUID, ample fire wood, pokers, lighter / matches, emergency supplies, fire extinguisher etc.)
  • Make sure that you have a suitable fire pit created.
  • Bring a bucket to put out fire. Fire should be completely extinguished with water. Do NOT bury hot coals; buried coals are a safety hazard.
  • Fire shall be attended at all times by a responsible adult staff member
  • Clean Up the area entirely upon completion and be sure to extinguish completely all flames, coals and debris with water.
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