Boo in Pier Park Pictures

by October 25, 2008 • 0 comments

I took the kids to Boo in the Park at Pier Park in Panama City Beach today.  The weather has been crumby for the last couple of days, but overnight, everything cleared up and today, was just flat-out gorgeous, we totally live in paradise.  Of course, the fact that Pier Park is just so dang beautiful helps a lot too.

They had pumpkin carving today, a pet parade, arts and crafts supported by the Visual Arts Center of Panama City (suppor the arts!), pine-straw bale mazes, bouncey houses, a helicopter display, and tons more.  It was a blast, the kids had a blast, everyone was having a blast.  And did I say that today was so absolutely beautiful?  Man, I love Panama City Beach.

Check the pix.

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