Bud Light Boat Stomps by 28 Seconds

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As mentioned earlier, the Bud Light Offshore Racing Team was truly in a class of their own Sunday.  Out of the 5 boats that raced in the Superboat Unlimited class, the Bud Light Team averaged an astounding 28 second lead ahead of the second place boat, winning first place.

Around 10 am the boats started arriving at Marina Landing on Panama City Beach, just at the foot of the Hathaway Bridge.  The boats were lifted from their trailers and lowered into the water, sometimes right into their respective slips.

“It was a great race. We got to the crane early, so we changed the gears and the props. That was definitely the right call,” said Johnny Tomlinson, Throttleman.

With 12 scheduled laps, the checkered flag was thrown on the 11th lap due to overwhelming mechanical failure of other boats.  24 boats competed in National Championships on this 6 mile course.

The wind was a gusty 15 knots early in the day and the seas had a moderate chop, but calmed as the day wore on.

“It just goes to show you, give us a little rough water and that’s the key. In this kind of race, the boat has to do some of the work and the motors don’t have to do it all. If you give us 2- to 3-foot seas, we’ve got an even playing field,” said Dave Scott, owner/driver.

The Bud Light Offshore Racing Team has a total of 67 wins with 10 National Championship Titles, 8 World Championship Titles, 6 Top Gun Titles, and 6 Official Speed Records.

The next and last scheduled race this year will be in Key West, Florida November 2 – 9.

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