Business Expo at Edgwater Draws Big Crowds

by April 22, 2009 • 1 comment

Job seekers and business owners alike came from all over teh Panama City Beach area to brush shoulders and talk about the future.  Businesses in attednance ranged from Neves Media and ViaMedia to Musgrove Flowershop and Beach Scene.

“The economy is bad and I’m just looking for a job,” said one attendee.  Although most businesses in attendance weren’t there to “hire”, many locals came hopeful for an opportunity to again bring home the bacon.

“Do you know why everyone here is just here for the free stuff,” one local busines asked me. “Is it more than usual,” I asked.  Their answer was without hesitation, yes.

Just about anything could be seen on the show floor.  A man, who after blowing up a 6 foot baloon, stuffed himself inside it, stuck only his head out and presumed to dance around.  Girls where spotted wearing anything from brown bags, boxes and even bikinis, spelling of sun tan lotion – everyone goaled at promoting their business.

“We had around 2,000 people come through Business Expo yesterday.  103 businesses exhibited, which is 25% up from our last Expo in 2007 (Superheroes).  Everyone loved it, from the Green Room which showcased the “green” side of Bay County with recycling, green and sustainable practices, nature, and eco-excursions, to the booths and costumes decked out with “The Nature of Business” theme, to the Green Entertainment (Todd Herendeen and his band) to Edgewater’s “Global Cooler” martinis!  Most of the Exhibitors gave away prizes including massive gift baskets, facials and cosmetic procedures, several months of free storage units, T-shirts, teddy bears, portraits, kayak and canoe trips, and even a Hobie kayak!  The event was deemed a huge success and everyone had a really good time.” – Marta Rose

I was talking to Noel at Cyber Sytes and he was telling me these events are big for them because it gives them another opportunity to promote business to business and network with other local business owners.  Hmm, looks like PCBDaily should’ve had a booth there.  Maybe next year?

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1 Comment


1 Wag the Dog April 28, 2009 at 7:48 am

This was a heck of a great event,
and my first time there.
It allowed me to shop for my
Homeowners Association and my rentals.
(Found some solar heating for the pool,
some lawn care, maintenance, and some
other stuff), and learn more about some
of the businesses in the area.

If you are in business, plan to exhibit next year.