Can we expect flights from Chicago to Panama City for $99?

by May 19, 2008 • 1 comment

A buddy sent me an email from AirTran advertising one-way flights for as low as $69 with the flights from Chicago to Pensacola priced at $99. When I was in Dallas, there were one way flights all the time to Austin for $49. Heck, my parents used to fly down for the day all the time when I was in high school.

This would open up our area in a way we can only dream about right now. There have not been any airlines announced for the new airport yet, but this is what we could see a few years after the airport opens up, demand starts to rise and the number of flights increases.

Check after the break for a complete list of prices.

This brings up another interesting point. The whole reason we are building a new airport is for expansion possibilities. I always crack up when I hear people against the airport justify their argument by saying that current flights are down, demand is down, we don’t need an airport. True, I beleive that there is a lot of pent up demand for a new airport, but the big reason is expansion.

We have no expansion options at the current airport. It is either uproot Highway 390 or go out into the bay, and those aren’t really options.

The new airport, as part of the preparation that is happening right now, will have an 8,400 foot runway with all the prep work already completed for the extension to a full 12,400 feet of runway space. When the time comes, the runway can be extended in a matter of months whether it is 1 year after the airport opens or 10 years.

Plus, there is a total 2,700 acres that the airport can use in addition to the 1,300 acres that’s being used now for expansion.

The point is expansion, room to grow over the next 20 or 30 years. We may not need a huge airport now, but we will in the future, and now we are on our way.

Anyway, the price list:

Akron/Canton $99
Atlanta $69
Baltimore $99
Bloomington/Normal $99
Boston $99
Buffalo/Niagara $99
Burlington $89
Charleston $94
Charlotte $99
Chicago (Midway) $99
Dallas/Ft. Worth $99
Dayton $99
Denver $144
Detroit $99
Flint $99
Houston (Hobby) $99
Indianapolis $99
Kansas City $99
Las Vegas $159
Los Angeles (LAX) $159
Memphis $99
Milwaukee $99
Minneapolis/St. Paul $99
Moline/Quad Cities $99
New York (LaGuardia) $99
Newark $99
Newburgh $99
Newport News/Williamsburg $99
Philadelphia $99
Phoenix $159
Pittsburgh $99
Portland $99
Raleigh/Durham $99
Richmond $99
Rochester $99
San Antonio $89
San Diego $159
San Francisco $159
San Juan $179
Sarasota/ Bradenton $99
Savannah/Hilton Head $94
Seattle $159
St. Louis $99
Washington, D.C. (Dulles) $99
Washington, D.C. (Reagan National) $99
White Plains $99
Wichita $99′

Thanks Charles.
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1 Comment


1 Don May 20, 2008 at 8:26 am

Thanks for this report. Atlanta has had flights to Myrtle Beach, SC for from $49 – $99 in the past. Our area needs the boost than low cost flights would bring. From our current drive-to market, and beyond.

Coastal Vision 3000 is working to bring this to our area. The question they were asked when they visited Southwest Airlines is who are we. Our area marketing has been so splintered that there has not been one name they could advertise for their flights. This needs to change and we all need to work together.

The WestBay Florida website questions the new airports name.

“For this airport to truly live up to its potential, it will need to serve the entire region, not just Panama City – Bay County.”

“Maybe it’s time to consider “Northwest Florida Regional Airport” – or something like that.”

“Hey, it worked in the Ft. Myers/Naples area with Southwest Florida Regional Airport.”

See the website for more information.