Front Beach Road CRA

CRA – South Thomas Drive Construction Update, Widening Road

October 16, 2009 • 4 comments

When it comes to getting right down to business, the Front Beach Road CRA (short for community redevelopment area) in Panama City Beach is cranking out the first steps in […]

by Jason Koertge

57 Reasons the New South Thomas Drive will Rock

September 3, 2009 • 7 comments

The Front Beach Road CRA in Panama City Beach is set to change the face of the beach and reset the perception of all those that visit our beautiful area. […]

by Jason Koertge

CRA Kick-off Party for South Thomas Drive Construction

September 2, 2009 • 5 comments

Charged with literally changing the face of Panama City Beach, the CRA is on the move again.  The next project on the table is the reconstruction of the South Thomas […]

by Jason Koertge

Beckrich Rd. Renamed Richard Jackson Boulevard

April 29, 2009 • 16 comments

At exactly 11:49 AM April 29th Mayor Gayle Oberst made the renaming of Beckrich Road to Richard Jackson Boulevard official, honoring the long time city manager Richard Jackson. Dozens of […]

by Cebo Campbell

Beckrich Road Opens New Lane

February 23, 2009 • 1 comment

Working under the ever watchful eye of the warm sun, workers barely break a sweat in the mild 59 degree weather.  Clear blue skies with a light breeze make for […]

by Jason Koertge

Beckrich Road CRA Update

January 17, 2009 • 5 comments

I know what you are thinking – what’s this rubbish.  Why is jason posting pictures of plantlife, is he going all botanical and what-not?  This my friend is a picture […]

by Jason Koertge

CRA Moving Forward – Construction Update

October 23, 2008 • 2 comments

The Front Beach Road CRA is making great progress with the current project and is planning and preparing for the next segment in the rebuilding of our tourist transportation corridor. […]

by Jason Koertge

State Highway 79 to be Widened

August 16, 2008 • 0 comments

The portion of State Highway 79 south of US 98, or better known as Back Beach Road, is in line to join its street brethren and receive much needed cosmetic […]

by Jason Koertge

Beckrich Road CRA – New Side Paved!

June 7, 2008 • 4 comments

The Beckrich Road portion of the CRA is making huge strides in progress. The new side was paved this week and curb work was installed. I think we’ll be driving […]

by Jason Koertge

Churchwell Drive CRA Complete – Road Opened Thursday

April 17, 2008 • 1 comment

Churchwell Drive, the road that goes by the Panama City Beach Post Office connecting Middle Beach and Front Beach Roads was reopened Wednesday. Construction began April 2007 and was completed […]

by Jason Koertge