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Buying a Home? Why the FHA Loan is No Longer the Low Down Payment Loan of Choice

July 27, 2013 • 4 comments

This the second article in a series discussing the ins and outs of the best mortgage loan products available for home buyers.  Last week, the USDA Rural Housing Loan was […]

by Michael Tarleton

Centennial Bank Takeover of Coastal Community Bank Official

September 7, 2010 • 0 comments

Many of you remember the emergence of Coastal Community Bank a few years back, during the real estate boom that swept through the Panama City Beach area like a hurricane.  […]

by Jason Koertge

Hot Dog Story – Do What You Do and Change for No One

March 23, 2009 • 4 comments

Okay, I know there is so much talk about all the awful things that people see happening in our world. Lucky for me I DO NOT  buy into that.  There […]

by Karen Smith

Adjustable Rate Mortgages Are Our Friends

February 7, 2009 • 6 comments

Yes, I know what you’re probably saying already. Where has this guy been? Living under a rock somewhere? Hasn’t he heard the nightmare stories about sub-prime mortgages, option ARMS and […]

by Hunter Palmer

Laketown Wharf – Corus Bank “Unlikely to Survive ’09”

February 5, 2009 • 4 comments

The future of Laketown Wharf in Panama City Beach is again dealt a blow of uncertainly as the owning bank, Corus shows increasing signs of weakening.  Friday, they reported a […]

by Jason Koertge

Few Borrowers Benefiting from latest “Refi Boom”

January 21, 2009 • 1 comment

I can remember back sixteen years ago when thirty-year mortgage rates fell below 7% sparking a flood of refinances. I also remember 2003 when rates dipped again and another “refi […]

by Hunter Palmer

Stimulating More Than the Economy

January 16, 2009 • 4 comments

Over the coming weeks and months I will be explaining or trying to explain some of the complexities that exist in our current economy. First off let me explain to […]

by Russell Kinslow

Community Banks Lending Despite Credit Crunch

November 13, 2008 • 0 comments

As regional and national banks eagerly rush to accept government bailout loans in the face of frozen credit markets, local community banks are quickly becoming the go-to source for mortgage […]

by Hunter Palmer

Fed Lowers a Half Point – I Have a Better Idea

November 6, 2008 • 3 comments

The Federal Reserve’s Open market Committee announced Wednesday it was lowering the federal funds rate to 1%, it’s lowest level since 2004. Yet mortgage rates rose on the news and […]

by Hunter Palmer