Bed Tax Report

September Bed Tax Numbers up 7% Year Over Year

December 3, 2012 • 1 comment

Looking at the bed tax revenue numbers for August, September’s had been released at the beginning of the month!  It’s always super insightful to see where September falls as for many, it’s […]

by Jason Koertge

August Bed Tax Numbers up 15% Year Over Year

November 29, 2012 • 0 comments

Having just realized that I never did a bed tax revenue report for August, I wanted to get this out real quick.  August this year seemed strong in our own […]

by Jason Koertge

July Bed Tax Revenue Numbers UP 1.59% over 2011

September 18, 2012 • 0 comments

Summer’s almost over and July was another banner bed tax revenue month.  April, May and June were record breaking months and July just barely cinched an improvement coming in at […]

by Jason Koertge

June Tourism up 19.9%

August 14, 2012 • 7 comments

There’s been a lot of talk about bed tax lately, primarily because it is a good barometer of where the tourism market is.  May’s numbers were up just under 25%, […]

by Jason Koertge

Record Breaking Tourism Month for May

July 18, 2012 • 0 comments

Summer tourism is off to an explosive start with May’s bed tax revenue numbers literally smashing the mild record that was set last year. Total collections for May of 2012 […]

by Jason Koertge

Bed Tax Revenue Soars in March

May 24, 2012 • 7 comments

Tourism traffic was definitely up in March of this year as indicated by the latest bed tax revenue monthly report. Year over year, March of this year was an astounding 19.4% up over last year. Looking closer reveals an even more astounding 38% increase over 2009, our last “low” point over the last 6 years.

by Jason Koertge

July Tourism UP 50% Over Last Year

September 7, 2011 • 9 comments

July tourism numbers are up 50.84% over July 2010.  The bed tax revenue numbers just came in and they confirm what we all knew already.  This summer was the busiest […]

by Jason Koertge

August Bed Tax Numbers CRUSHED, Worse than July

October 7, 2010 • 5 comments
Thumbnail image for August Bed Tax Numbers CRUSHED, Worse than July

Like igniting gun powder on an open wound, August’s bed tax collection numbers were a piercing pain in an open wound.  We talked about last month that July’s bed tax […]

by Jason Koertge

July Tourism Devastated in Panama City Beach

September 9, 2010 • 37 comments
Thumbnail image for July Tourism Devastated in Panama City Beach

In what was supposed to be the best July we’ve ever experienced in Panama City Beach, threat of oil-covered sand and fear of ruined vacations kept visitor’s away.  This summer […]

by Jason Koertge

Oil Spill Barely Hurts June Bed Tax Collections

August 30, 2010 • 6 comments

Despite a very dismal looking outlook at the beginning of the summer, the actual numbers for June are showing nearly even bed tax collections this year, compared to last year.  […]

by Jason Koertge