TDC Meeting, Spring Break, Swordfish & Snowbirds

January 14, 2011 • 1 comment
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Jan 11th’s TDC meeting offered an eclectic mix of information. Starting with the Vice-President of the Canadian Snowbirds, Nancy Hopcraft,  who caught my attention with the mention of the ‘Birds […]

by Rya Holloway Phillips

New Airport Set to Triple Numbers 2011

January 12, 2011 • 10 comments

This is the first article in a series that explores 2011 Tourism Predictions for Panama City Beach. Spring is right around the corner, and along with the knowledge of the […]

by Rya Holloway Phillips

Breakfast Point Marketplace: Now a Thriving Shopping and Dining Area

August 2, 2010 • 2 comments

Remember when Breakfast Point Marketplace was just a new Publix grocery store and then to the delight of just about everyone, a Dunkin’ Donuts? In a seemingly short space of […]

by Ellie Cominos

Despite Oil Spill News, Panama City Beach Enjoys Big Memorial Weekend Crowds

May 31, 2010 • 3 comments

If you’ve been watching the news, (which I am sure we all have) you are aware that the top kill efforts to stop the oil from from spilling into the […]

by Cebo Campbell

Mandatory Garbage Could Be First Step To Recycling

April 12, 2010 • 13 comments

Trash, on Panama City Beach, has a funny way of accumulating. Every year tons of trash finds its way to landfills, strung-out along the streets or blown around all over […]

by Cebo Campbell

Traffic Overload: Infrastructure on Panama City Beach – Pt 2

March 29, 2010 • 1 comment

If you read our previous article, you know we talked to Paul Casto, the Public Works Director for Panama City Beach, about beach traffic. In said article, Mr. Casto talked […]

by Cebo Campbell

Traffic Overload: Infrastructure on Panama City Beach – Pt 1

March 22, 2010 • 25 comments

If you have been anywhere on the beach during this years Spring Break, you’ve noticed no doubt that traffic has been unusually bad this year. Sure, Front Beach Road is […]

by Cebo Campbell

St. Joe on the Move: PCB to Benefit?

March 17, 2010 • 3 comments

You may already know that the St. Joe Company was working on a large development, a project adjacent to the soon-to-opened Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport. Well, earlier today, the […]

by Cebo Campbell

PCB City Pier Update – Boardwalk a comin’!

March 3, 2010 • 6 comments

 Most of the new City Pier on Panama city beach is up and running. But I’ve been noticing as I’ve wandered about Pier Park that there is some construction happening […]

by Jason Koertge

5 Scenarios on Why PCB Needs Hospitality Training by Jan. 1 2010

August 10, 2009 • 28 comments

What may distinguish Panama City Beach from larger, more prominent, vacation destinations isn’t what you may think. It isn’t the clientele, because let’s face it; the same people who visit […]

by Cebo Campbell