Community Banks Lending Despite Credit Crunch

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As regional and national banks eagerly rush to accept government bailout loans in the face of frozen credit markets, local community banks are quickly becoming the go-to source for mortgage loans in Florida. Despite tighter underwriting guidelines from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and a secondary mortgage market with little appetite for Florida real estate, local community banks are still stepping in with loans designed to accommodate the local real estate market. These local banks have studied the specific needs of our local market and are offering loans tailored to the unique needs of Bay and surrounding counties.

One example is Panama City Beach. On the beach, the vast majority of properties listed for sale are condominiums which sprouted up all along the coast in the boom years of the first half of the decade. The flurry of condo development was due, in part, to the easy flow of credit and lax underwriting and property standards so prevalent at the time. Now, as investors paint all of Florida with the same broad brush, Beach condos are left with the same stigma as South Florida and labeled as “condo-tels” – a name coined by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to describe a hybrid between a condo and a hotel with resort-like facilities and daily rental desks. Though Fannie and Freddie didn’t seem to draw a distinction between condos and condo-tels in the past, they certainly do now. Financing for these properties has all but evaporated leaving many prospective second-home buyers with no options. Enter the community bank.

With deep roots all along the Florida Panhandle and in their respective markets, community banks understand our unique market and have a vested interest in its success. One such local community bank is Vision Bank. With a sincere belief in the viability of the Beach condo market, Vision Bank is lending its own money by developing portfolio products designed to provide affordable options for the local real estate market and the out of state second-home buyers so crucial to its resurgence. Vision Bank, while adhering to sound lending practices and diligent underwriting, is offering bank-held, fully amortizing mortgage products with no pre-payment penalties and no hidden fees designed specifically for the condo-tel market. Vision knows this market and knows that more condo sales will help stabilize prices and draw even more potential buyers back to the Beach and all of Bay County. That is the essence of a community bank – investing back in the community.

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