Computer crashed, installed Windows Vista – review

by September 7, 2007 • 0 comments

Ok, I know it’s not real estate related, nor is it necessarily related to Panama City Beach, but I just wanted to share my Windows Vista experience. Upon powering up my computer on Saturday, I quickly discovered that some of the key software I use day to day was not working right. I ultimately ended up reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling everything and figured since I was going this far, why not upgrade to Vista. I had heard horror stories on how the upgrade had been a disaster with countless compatibility issues and unfamiliar error codes, but I figured, “why not, I’m a genius.” Well, I’m no genius, but I did get it all figured out; I spent the better part of 3 days working through error codes and compatibility fixes, but finally, everything works perfectly.

I must say, Vista is cool, definitely cool. There are little quirks that are annoying (like how it assumes you are not an administrator even though you are signed into an administrative account and ceaselessly asks for verification whenever you are making system changes, even minor ones), and certainly some things are in different places (such as the user directory hierarchy is a little different the ODBC registry works a little differently), but all in all I like it.

My wife made fun of my initial response that was based on only what I knew at the time, not knowing how everything, system-wise, would work. “I find it very visually appealing.” With the smooth movements and crisp imagery, the windows seem to “fly” in and out and the subtle yet effective little pings it gives you to indicate changes are being made seem to be, somehow, soothing. We can’t forget the cool “switch between windows” feature in the quick launch toolbar, and the “gadgets” on the side that keep the news at your finger tips and help you monitor your cpu usage..

Windows Vista Screenshot

Its funny, and somewhat geeky, but I actually look forward to turning on my computer and entering the cool, exciting world of Windows Vista. Perhaps I’m not a true geek. All my geeky friends loathe Vista with their grip firm on XP, but isn’t this how most geeks felt about XP when it came out? What can I say, I’m a sucker for something that looks cool, and Vista looks really cool, even though it does seem to suck up 25% to 35% of my 2 gigs of RAM. 🙁


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