Construction Contract Awarded for New Grand Lagoon Bridge

by August 18, 2009 • 2 comments

These are exciting times, exciting times indeed.  I can remember just a few short years ago attending a meeting about the Grand Lagoon Bridge reconstruction and seeing the cool plans, dreaming of a time when larger boats and more traffic could traverse the area, knowing it was all just hopeful aspirations.  The plans had been in the works for years, but funding for the project was a pipe-dream, until just recently.

As quoted from our previous post on the new Grand Lagoon Bridge:

“Currently, Bay County has $19,462,409 to fund this project with $5,629,822 from local stimulus funds, $9,299,990 from state stimulus funds and $4,532,597 from grants that Bay County has been working on for years.  Based on the cost estimate, Bay County has all the money necessary to fund the entire project.”

As of today, the Bay County Commissioners have awarded the construction contract of the Grand Lagoon Bridge Replacement and Roadway Widening to C. W. Roberts Contracting, Inc for $14,833,745.75.  In addition, the Bay County Commissioners awarded the Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) contract for the Grand Lagoon Bridge Replacement and Roadway Widening Project to Metric Engineering, Inc. for $1,389,992.00.

Construction has been planned to start soon after Labor Day, beginning with the construction of a temporary bridge and the demolition of the existing structure.  You can bet I’ll be there. 

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1 Howell Hooper August 25, 2009 at 4:43 pm

I would like to see an overview of the area on both sides of the Grand Lagoon Bridge. Can you provide a map or view on your web site. Thanks, Howell Hooper


2 Isaac Eiland-Hall August 25, 2009 at 5:01 pm

This is great news! Can’t wait for it to be finished. I don’t wander down that way much any more, but for those that do (and me, when I do make it over there), this will be great when it’s done.