Grand Lagoon National Cancelled for this year

by September 16, 2008 • 0 comments

Well, I hope this is not a sign for times to come for Bill Spann and his new fishing tournament, the Grand Lagoon National.  The first year out of the hole the competition was postponed, postponed again, and now totally cancelled all together.

Regardless of what some told me, I truly thought it was to be a good addition to this years Panama City Beach festivities.  With Spann’s experience, and after a couple of conversations with him, it was very apparent that this was not his first rodeo.  He has been doing this very type of event for years, and has always put on a good show.

This year, so far, has certainly not been without peril, with regards to the weather.  With 6 tropical storms and/or hurricanes to have come into our Gulf waters this hurricane season, planning anything for our area is challenging at best.  Jack Bishop remarked at the last TDC meeting that it is always risky planning event during this time of year.  The last couple years have been very calm, but this year has been very active.  We can only speculate what is to come next year.

So at this point, what comes of the $50,000 the TDC gave The Grand Lagoon National to help it “get off the ground”?  That money was to be an “investment” that had some promise of return with a potential of profit.  I’m sure that money has been spent as some festivities did take place, but no revenue was generated through registration fees.  Does the TDC stand to recover that money next year?  Will the Grand Lagoon National receive $50,000 next year as allocated in the FY2008-2009 budget?

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