Grand Lagoon National Suffers Changes from Tropical Storm Fay

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Tropical Storm Fay is already reaching its sea fingers up our way to effect our newest fishing tournament on Panama City Beach. So far the effects only encompass a few delays.

In addition, Tropical Storm Fay has inspired a new Champion Award, the Miz Fay Grand Champion Award. This award will pay $10,000 to the angler who “comes closest to, or breaks by, the largest amount, the Florida State Record of any eligible tournament fish.”

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Current weather forecasts and storm predictions suggest that Grand Lagoon National can safely proceed with tournament and festival planning for the week of August 18. We regret any inconvenience that arises from the modifications we have made to the tournament’s schedule, but we feel a compelling responsibility to assure that fishing occurs on hospitable seas and that the festival proceeds absent threats of severe weather. With these priorities foremost in our considerations, we look forward to keeping our promise of hosting a spectacular tournament and the party of the year on Panama City Beach.

Based on current conditions, the Grand Lagoon National will honor the following agenda:

Boat Registration and check-in: Unchanged – Wednesday – Friday (1 p.m.. – 7 p.m.) Boatyard Restaurant.

Captains Meetings: All Captain and Angler meetings shall be held as scheduled, except for the Big Game Division. The Big Game Division Captains meeting will be held at 5 p.m. at the Boatyard Restaurant on Thursday night.

Fishing Days: Fishing days for all divisions, except party boat and charter boat, are as scheduled. Charter and Party Boat contests planned for Thursday have been canceled, but will proceed on the published schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday Night Festivities: The Kickoff Party, Dock Walk, Miss Grand Lagoon Contest and meet Miss Grand Lagoon Party originally scheduled for Wednesday night have been rescheduled for Thursday night.

Thursday – Sunday: Other than the consolidation of Wednesday night events with Thursday night events, there will be no other festival changes. The Boat Show, Sponsor’s Village, water taxi service and all other festival activities will commence at 4 p.m. on Thursday.

MIZ FAY GRAND CHAMPION AWARD The potential disruptions caused by Tropical Storm Fay have reminded us of both the peril and glory of living on the edge of a saltwater paradise. In this the first year of the Grand Lagoon National, the beauty and the occasional turbulence of our environment have been cast across the face of our tournament.

In the hours spent considering planning options in response to weather reports, it became increasingly obvious to tournament organizers that the events of the days leading up to our first annual should not be forgotten. In recognition of the richness of our waters and a reminder of the respect they deserve, we have created the Miz Fay Grand Champion Award. This guaranteed $10,000 cash prize will be awarded to the angler who weighs the fish that comes closest to, or breaks by, the largest amount, the Florida State Record of any eligible tournament fish. The winner will be determined by dividing the weight of the heaviest fish in each category by the weight of the 2007 Florida State Record for the same species. The computation resulting the highest resulting percentage will be declared the Miz Fay Grand Champion. All fish in all divisions are eligible. An optional “Winner Take All” cash award will be added to the Optional Cash Award opportunities available based on the same rules.

* Kayak anglers will not be eligible because their division is a catch and release computation and the weight of fish is not determined.

Storm Related Tournament Rule Changes

Big Game: Because of difficulties likely to occur in transit from gulf ports to Panama City Beach in the days leading up to the tournament, we anticipate a smaller than originally predicted fleet of Big Game participants. In order to maintain a highly competitive environment for the participants in this division, we are discontinuing Catch and Release as a category and assigning the cash awards originally dedicated to that category equally to the Blue Marlin, Swordfish and Tuna categories. We are also establishing a $2,500 Optional Cash Award category for both Blue Marlin and Swordfish.

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