Grills Gone Wild is Back, To Cook 1,000’s LBS of Meat for Charity

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030409_grills_picThe success of Grills Gone Wild 1 was so immense they decided to do it again, for a different charity this year.

The original Grills Gone Wild, meant to be a tongue in cheek stab at the Girls Gone Wild garbage our area was going through last year with Joe Francis, was a refreshing positive twist our area surely needed.  The goal was to raise money for Aaron Nichols, son of Gary Nichols, the band director of Arnold High School.  Aaron was injured and paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident.  When insurance money ran out, the Nichols family still had a little more than $20,000 in improvements they needed to make to their home to accommodate their son.  The event raised $24,000 and provided the much needed modifications to the house.

The original goal was to sell 500 tickets last year for $12 a piece, but the event “mushroomed” as Alan Graham put it and benefited from a turnout that was much greater than expected.  “We ended up cooking ten 200 pound pigs and 180 Boston Butts and fed 2,500 people.”

There was such a demand for this again, that they actually sought out a charity to help this year so they could bring the party back to the beach.  Benefiting this year is the new Miracle League baseball field currently being constructed at Frank Brown Park.  The field is padded to prevent injury, the bases are painted on, and the dugouts will all be wheelchair accessible. Proceeds from Grills Gone Wild 2 will go towards building the fence for the field, which costs about $20,000.

The event is sponsored by Counts Real Estate and The Rotary Club.  “All the meat has be to purchased up front,” Graham said, “we’re trying to sell the tickets up front, but what we don’t get sold, we’ll come up with the money to buy the meat.”  If you’re a griller, you can still enter for the Boston Butts, the chicken and the rib category, but if you want to cook a pig, you’ll have to wait until next year as they’ve already been ordered.

“The pigs take about 22 hours to cook,” said Graham, “we cook ’em low and slow.”  The best way to cook pork is at a low temperature for a long time, that way the meat just falls right apart.  They will have the grills set up around the pavilion by the playground and pool at Frank Brown Park with tables set up inside where the basketball courts are and outside around the pavilion in the lawn. The party will start with the grills firing up early Friday afternoon March 13th and food will be served all afternoon Saturday March 14th.

Tickets can be purchased at any Counts Real Estate Office, by contacting any Rotary Club member or at the event.  Tickets are being sold for $10 this year.  If you want to grill the cost is $100 per grill.

You should come out and support this great cause and hang with the community.  For more information, contact Alan Graham at 850 896 2648.

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