Highway 79 Bridge Complete

by October 4, 2008 • 2 comments

The bridge that spans West Bay on Highway 79 is complete and should open any day now.  The existing brige in place is new, but has been open for several years now.  This new addition is in preparation for future demand of that roadway.

In anticipation of a greater future need, all of the piercaps installed are actually wide enough to accomodate an additional lane.

“It’s stupid,” said one worker on the site, “they’ll have to cut down the entire sidewall in order to expand the bridge [for an addional lane].”  The actual brige structure is in place for an additional lane, but in order to expand, the bridge will have to be closed down, the western most bridge sidewall will have to be destroyed, then planks will need to be laid for the concrete work.

“It will be complex,” said another worker, “but at least the DOT is thinking ahead.”

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1 Rick October 7, 2008 at 6:48 am

THINKING AHEAD!!!? Horse Sh@#…I agree with the worker it is STUPID. It looks unfinished, and is going to cost tons more to now tear down parts of the existing structure just to add a lane. Wouldn’t it have been smarter to just go ahead and add the lane now and not use it until it is needed. No…lets wait till it’s needed, bring the work crews and all of that equipment back in, tear down one whole side of the bridge and start all over. Yes I am on a soapbox…I have said this was stupid from the day I realized what was happening. There should damn sure be some accountability for this as it makes absolutely NO SENSE! I would love to see a cost analysis of what it is going to cost to “simply” add a lane verses what it would have cost just to go ahead and do the job right the first time. (hmmmm…kind of the same thing I have said about Iraq.


2 Allan October 8, 2008 at 1:39 am

Well, regardless of the extra lane I drove on it today on the way back to Dothan. Everything seemed to be flowing fine and they had actually closed what was the North bound lane on the old bridge and were grinding up the road at the foot of the bridge. Glad to see it finally open after all this time. Sad part is I was having to leave PC. 🙁