How to sell your home during the Holidays

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The holiday season offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your home at its sparkling best, especially if you follow a few simple tips.

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression; so, of course, this first impression starts as the potential buyer drives up to your home.  Twinkling lights hung neatly on doorways and trees are very attractive and festive, but don’t overdo it.  Less is generally more!  Leave those inflatable lawn displays in the box this year.  Giant bobbing snowmen or Santas on the roof are very cute for the kids, but do nothing to entice buyers to your front door.  Opt for a simple, attractive wreath for your door and perhaps some white lights strategically placed on shrubbery in the yard.

Don’t let your Christmas tree take over the living area.  The smaller the square feet of the home, the fewer decorations you should use.  Keep it simple, not cluttered, with a few decorations and some fresh greenery, like poinsettias and fresh garland.  A larger home can handle more decorations and the décor should be a little more elaborate.  Most importantly, subtle, yet attractive décor allows the potential buyer to see the warmth of your lovely home during the holiday season.

Enhance that special holiday feeling by playing soft, seasonal background music to set the stage for a showing.  Although Jingle Bell Rock and Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer may be holiday favorites of yours, soothing music will make that potential buyer think that your home is comfortable and desirable.

Finally, allow the aroma of the holidays to fill your home with delicious scents that make your visitors want to sit at the kitchen table and share a glass of cider.  Bake a cake or cookies before a showing so the savory smell lingers in the air…or simply leave a pot boiling with cider or packaged Christmas spices.  Place cinnamon sticks in an open jar or include them in a decorative design.

Remember, even though there may be fewer buyers actively looking at this time of year, there are still buyers looking.  It only takes one!  Use this opportunity to showcase your home at its festive best…and that’s a wrap.

If you have any questions about Staging for the Season, I’d love to hear from you.  Let’s look forward to a great 2009!

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