Hurricane Ike taking away our beach!

by September 11, 2008 • 2 comments

With Ike in the Gulf, our seas are very rough.  Offshore, swells are exceeding 25 feet with seas 8 to 12 feet in shore.  Seas aren’t expected to come down until Sunday.

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I was at Treasure Island Condominiums earlier and there is no beach between the building and the water.  The surf is crashing up against the building and lapping at the pilings of beach homes.  After Gustov, we had a little erosion, but we were told at the TDC meeting Tuesday that it would build back naturally.  We’ll see after this system moves through.  The dock by my house was almost completely covered and boats at a local marina are looking a little high.

Stay tuned to for all updates for Hurricane Ike.

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1 arlene langendorfer September 16, 2008 at 1:24 pm

Jason nice footage on beaches. Congrats on being on Lee Sullivan show. can’t wait to get back and see you all. Love his show, watch it when we are there for the winter. keep up the good work!


2 Betty Sanders September 17, 2008 at 7:48 am

Jason — loved the video! The national networks did not cover PBC at all during Ike, so it was great to see what was happening thru your video. Keep them coming.