Is MTV Complying With the 2008 Spring Break Marketing Plan?

by March 10, 2008 • 4 comments

I just became aware of some additional information that I didn’t know when I wrote “A Review of the 2008 TDC/CVB Spring Break Marketing Plan” last week (see post). In addition to my original concerns, I now have doubt as to whether MTV is complying with the terms of the $200,000 contract with the TDC/CVB.

When the Plan was originally proposed to the TDC/CVB, it was explained that the MTV Networks were now going to mainly cover Spring Break via their mtvU network, not their flagship MTV channel as in years past. This explanation was consistent with the written proposal presented to the CVB Marketing Committee on October 3, 2007:

* “mtvU is the hub for everything and anything that represents Spring Break”
* “. . .and where we go, we bring our big brothers, MTV and MTV2.”

A key part of the proposal was that PCB would be the exclusive location for 2008 MTV Spring Break. This was to be a change from recent years when MTV set up in multiple locations during Spring Break. Although MTV hosted Spring Break events on PCB in recent years, they were not exclusive to PCB and the TDC/CVB did not compensate MTV for holding these events. The proposal for this year included the following:

* “. . . highlighting PCB as only location for mtvU/MTV Spring Break” [Original Proposal presented to the CVB Marketing Committee 9/19/07]
* “Exclusive beach location for mtvU/MTV Spring Break” [Revised Proposal presented to the CVB Marketing Committee 10/3/07]
* “. . . highlighting PCB as THE ONLY beach location for mtvU/MVT Spring Break” [Revised Proposal presented to the CVB Marketing Committee 10/3/07]
* “Promotion units running with PCB as THE ONLY beach location for mtvU/MTV SB” [Revised Proposal presented to the CVB Marketing Committee 10/3/07]

After the TDC/CVB board decided to follow the recommendation of the Marketing Committee and purchase the program for $200,000, a contract was prepared and signed on November 28, 2007. MTV’s obligations under the contract included “promoting Panama City Beach, Florida as the main mtvU and MTV spring break beach destination for Spring Break 2008”. I am not sure how “THE ONLY” and “Exclusive” terms approved by the board were changed to the language in the contract without any further board action; however, I believe MTV has breached even the less restrictive contract language.

Contrary to the proposals and the contract, the flagship MTV network’s web site is currently promoting that they are “heading to Sunny Isles Beach, Fla., for the hottest, most decadent party this side of the equator.” [( as of 3/9/08 at 630 PM CDT] Sunny Isles Beach is just north of Miami’s South Beach and is definitely a beach destination. Although there is not even a mention of PCB on this web page, a subpage includes the information that mtvU is going to be in PCB. How did PCB being the “main” destination for both mtvU and MTV turn into being just for mtvU? Just as disturbing is a survey on the web page asking “Which Spring Break hot spot are you traveling to this year?”. Would you believe that PCB is not even listed as one of the three choices (Cancun, Miami, and Bahamas)?

What happened to what the TDC/CVB was promised by MTV? It is starting to look like we paid for the same thing we have received for free in recent years. The TDC/CVB really needs to look into what happened and hopefully can negotiate at least a partial refund of the $200,000 contract price.

-Bryan Durta

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1 John March 10, 2008 at 8:16 am

We get get lots of birds down here

Winter folk => Snow Birds
Well behaved except they drive a little funny.
Occupy empty Sun Bird nests, clean and a bit finiky about the condition of the nest, they tend to take excellent care of them, though at a lower rental rate.

Summer folk => Sun Birds
Many species, much more numerous, various behavior patterns ranging from that typical of a snowbird to that more typical of the next type below.

Spring Break => DoDo Birds
Raucous, tends to push the Snowbird out of the nest,
will mate anywhere, voracious eating and drinking habits, flocks to free beer. Sometimes destructive or not well mannered, engages in mating dances until the wee hours of the morning. Has forsaken Animal Planet for MTV. Drives like a maniac. Mating call is whoo hoooo ! Exists within the lifespan of other species for a thankfully short time and would otherwise be extinct.

What is the value added of
marketing spring break at all?


2 Nick March 16, 2009 at 7:48 pm

Get over it. The dodo birds are here to stay… and have been for years. You will not change it. Band Girls gone wild, band MTV…whatever. Someone else will take it over.