Jason Koertge, PcbDaily Featured in 850 Magazine

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None other than your’s truly was featured in the summer edition of one of the area’s newest and hottest business magazines, 850.  Dubbed “The Business Magazine of Northwest Florida,” I like to call 850 the Fortune for the Panhandle and is published by Rowland Publishing, who also publishes Emerald Coast Magazine and Bay Life Magazine.  With feature articles that are applicable to me as a small business owner, it has always been a good read.

Pick yourself up a copy, and turn to page 71.  The photographer had me doing all kinds of fun stuff, and the picture they ran with is of me sitting on a street corner, seemingly meditating in Sage pose, balancing my video camera and DSLR.  The photograph has me looking more narrow than I think I look naturally – but it was fun none-the-less.

One part blog, one part news Web site and one part community forum, pcbdaily.com is a hybrid on the cutting edge of the online new medium,” it begins.  Talking about pcbdaily, what I’ve done to create it, how it’s grown and where it’s going, the article is flattering and seems to elevate me in a way perhaps I’m too modest to do myself.  Thanks Rowland!

850 comes out quarterly right now, with the goal of being a monthly in the next 12 months and features articles about little people like me and big people like Bud Finlaw, owner of BookIt.com and covers a range of business topics.  So, head on over to 850BusinessMagazine.com and subscribe.

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