Lawmakers – Leave the Affordable Housing Trust Money Alone

by January 14, 2009 • 0 comments

In an effort to plug Florida’s $2.6 billion deficit, lawmakers are threatening to sweep $190 million from the Florida Affordable Housing Trust.

The fund was established in 1992 and is funded directly from a portion of doc stamp taxes and is used to build new single-family homes and multi-family housing projects and for financial assistance programs.

Originally, lawmakers were eyeing a more robust taking of $284 million, but when it was estimated that the fund appropriations would only generate $170 million for 2009, they lowered their steal to $190 million.  This taking away of this money will negatively effect the real estate and housing industry in the state of Florida.

This morning an email was sent out to all BCAR members, but I wanted to get this issue in front of the readers of  Please don’t hesitate to email Representatives Jimmy Patronis and Marti Coley and urge them to NOT STEAL THE MONEY FROM THE FLORIDA AFFORDABLE HOUSING TRUST.

Jimmy Patronis email:

Marti Coley email:

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