3 NEW Attractions Come to Miracle Strip in Pier Park

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It all started with wanting to put a carousel in Pier Park.

Jenny and Teddy Meeks started their search a couple years ago wanting to erect a carousel in Pier Park.  Their search led them far and wide, through ride brokers and agents leading them, eventually, to the perfect candidate.  After numerous road trips, confusing emails and phone calls, they finally found the location of this perfect carousel they’d only seen in pictures.  It was in storage right here, in Panama City Beach, at Miracle Strip Amusement Park.

This ride opened with tons of fanfare and excitement just a couple short years ago.  Popularity grew quickly and their Facebook page’s fan number skyrocketed.  They knew immediately that their next logical step was to resurrect more rides from this place of childhood memories.

Moved locations and added rides.

The original carousel was located across the street from where it is now, next to the bungee bounce area.  When they started planning expansion, they moved to a larger area that could accompany more rides.  Today, as it stands, there are four operational rides: the Carousel, the Balloon Racer, Red Baron plane ride and a Ferris Wheel – the first three being original rides from Miracle Strip.  They also built a pavilion, which has been transformed into a butterfly wonderland.

Three new attractions opening March 1.

Over the last couple months, the Meeks have been acquiring, restoring and assembling two new rides and outfitting the newly built pavilion to offer three entirely new attractions in Miracle Strip in Pier Park.  The new attractions are:

  • 1975 Eli Bridge Scrambler
  • 1991 Seiner Tilt-a-Whirl
  • Butterfly Pavilion – over 500 butterflies


Each ride costs one ticket per rider to ride.

  • Single tickets are $3.75
  • One ticket book is $29 – 10 tickets
  • All day pass is $18 (includes Butterfly Pavilion)
  • Annual pass is $99 (includes buddy riding)

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

View the Flickr Photo Set.

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