New Group Calls Emergency Public Meeting to Discuss PCB Safety Issues

by March 18, 2009 • 5 comments

Families & Friends 4 A Safe Panama City Beach is organizing an emergency community meeting of concerned citizens, businesses, churches, civic organizations and others to discuss several topics. At the top of the agenda is the ongoing tragedies of College/Student Spring Break, the TDC and other issues effecting the image and safety of our community and visitors. Please Read the following letter from PCB resident and ministry leader Mark Canfora-one of the founders of this concerned citizens group:

This is a request for prayer and action. Children are being hurt severely and many have died.

We are announcing a community meeting (awaiting confirmation) at Arnold High School Monday- 03/30/09 at 7 the Auditorium in Panama City Beach (which is less than two weeks before the 4/11/09 festival @ Pier Park Amphitheater)

We will gather to discuss the festival and the 20-year tragic history of PCB college/student spring break. We will come together as a community to say No More!

A group – Families & Friends 4 A Safe Panama City Beach – has been formed and we ask you to get involved, attend and share this message with friends and family if possible.

Please reach out to your sphere of influence and contacts and relay this message. As a community of believers, families and concerned citizens we are organizing an effort to stop this annual abuse and insanity as we gather in hope, unity, prayer and action to put an end to this horrible and tragic situation.

Over the past 20 years (Police/Hospital/Sheriff records – 9 years obtained – year 2000) there have been many tragedies in excess of  50 deaths (murders, pedestrian, drowning, falls, auto) thousands of rapes and sexual assaults and nearly 50,000 of police reported crimes/incidences.
Financially: millions of dollars in property damage, litter control, and police, EMS and fire costs.

This year in the first two weeks (4 weeks remaining) of spring break alone…there has been a shooting, a knifing, and an estimated 30 plus sexual assaults, rapes, etc. and countless other police actions and involvement.

My Pastor, Greg Aldridge/Cornerstone Family Fellowship/Panama City and his wife, found a girl one morning last week in the Baypoint residential area, stumbling along the road (in a date-rape drug and or alcohol induced daze). She was partially clothed with a blanket wrapped around her. She was dumped there after she was apparently sexually assaulted by one or many abusers.

Below Are Several of Many Thousand PCB Spring Break Tragedies

Police Officer Kight Murdered Easter Sunday 2005

2009 Several Drugged & Raped

2009 Student Shot

2008/2009…18 Yr. Old Raped/Thrown From Building/Man gets 30 Years for other recent/current stories, accidents/deaths/injuries.

Please Attend the Public Meeting: Arnold High School March 30, 2009 7:00 p.m.

Please Join us at Pier Park Amphitheater for a free Celebration of Life & Family Festival
Saturday April 11, 2009 from 1-9 p.m.

Families & Friends 4 A Safe Panama City Beach
Mark Canfora Ministries

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1 Justin March 18, 2009 at 8:46 am

I understand the need to take action, but praying for it is not going to help. Everytime a mother or child gets murdered here in Jacksonville, the community calls for a day of prayer. Trust me, those prayers have not been answered and will not be answered. Talking to your higher power won’t help, you need to do this yourself.

Also, I wouldn’t call Spring Break tragic, a few bad incidents per year doesn’t ruin it for everyone. Besides, w/o spring break in PCB, the economy would tailspin downward without all of this money being spent. It is a good and bad thing, you can’t have your cake and eat it. You can have a successful family friendly and partying destination in the same location, look at Miami Beach and vicinity.


2 Michele March 18, 2009 at 12:55 pm

Mark, thank you for your efforts in trying to change the attitudes toward Spring Break in PCB. Things absolutely need to change – action is what is needed. By government officials, law enforcement, residents and business owners. In case you haven’t seen it yet, this morning’s breaking news on the News Herald site is that a body was found in the ditch near Sterling Reef condo in PCB.


3 Mike March 19, 2009 at 11:11 am

Justin, God does answer prayer and it does make a difference. How many lives have been saved because of God’s grace and the prayers of believers over the years? We will never know. When you witness first hand the mindless behavior of drunken young people on Spring Break in PCB who think they are invinceable it is a miracle that no more are hurt or killed. PCB must continue to become a family friendly vacation location and rein in the destructive behavior we tolerate during Spring Break. The fact that we tolerate this behavior only belies some local businesses putting the almighty dollar over the safety of these students. The vast majority of business owners see the need to transform us to a family destination.


4 Bryan Durta March 19, 2009 at 11:56 am


Miami Beach’s party scene is world-class. PCB concentrates on low-class themes like all-u-can drink, wet-t contests and foam parties.

PCB was successful at being both a family and a partying destination back before the condo boom. But remaining the redneck riviera with our new world-class accommodations isn’t working very well.


5 bonnie April 8, 2009 at 8:47 am

Thank you for starting this new group of concerned citizens. My son died on May 19, 1995 behind the Summit Condo’s. He drowned after entering the water at 5:30P.M. The so called life guards or beach rental personel had already left the beach. No one went into the water to help my son eventhough 911 was called. There was not a rescue system in place for my son. The police acted like he was just missing eventhough persons from the condo could see him in the water for 30 minutes. He was caught in a rip current. I now tell everyone I can, “NOT to go the PCB because it is dangerous”. PCB has more drowning deaths than any other beach on the Gulf Coast. Please keep praying so this doesn’t happen to any other people. Our lives have been changed forever.