No Spring Break. No Summer. No Problem.

by April 17, 2009 • 8 comments

seasonsThe next three weeks on Panama City Beach should be awesome.

For years PCB’s tourism paradox, which is the last three weeks of April, has bewildered businesses all around the beach. After the Spring Break season is over and before the summer season crowds the shores, there has always existed a perennial lag. During this time hotels are still operating at full staff, so are the restaurants and attractions when, frankly, business has slowed enough to validate a winter-like hibernation. There just isn’t a season and no reason for people to visit the beach.

Well that was then and fun is now.

The TDC and private sectors have put together a string of events for the next three weeks that will keep our beach so packed it should provide a seamless segueway into summer.

This is what’s coming up on Panama City Beach:

April 17 – 19thThe 11th Annual Zap Pro/Am Skim Jam

April 16 – 19thSeabreeze Jazz Festival

April 22 – 25thThe 11th annual Gulf Coast Charity Horse Show and Music Festival

April 30 – May 3rd – Thunder Beach Spring Rally

I hope the beach is ready because these upcoming events are bound to have the beach rocking. In fact, most accommodations around Pier Park are already sold out while others are starting to see the benefits of the efforts. If you’re a vacationer, now is the time to get your best value on accommodations and dining. If you’re a resident you should definitely get out while the weather’s great and traffic is loose to enjoy the activities.

This post is somewhat of a tip-of-the-hat to everyone who put in the effort to keep the business flowing on the beach. If we keep this up before you know it we’ll have a whole new season. Question is, what should we call it? Any suggestions?

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1 Jason Koertge April 17, 2009 at 8:12 am

Great article Cebo. I was out at Pier Park for the Guy Harvey thing last night and I couldn’t find a parking space close to the restaurant. I ended up having to find a place behind Five Guys.

There are tons of people here right now, and tons of families.


2 Jan Nelson April 17, 2009 at 5:39 pm

You could call it: Spring Fling(ers)?
Spring Scene(sters)?
Spring Trippers’?
Spring-en Fun Bunch?

I’m on to something? What…I’m not sure? It’s at the tip of my fingers. hummmm


3 Jan Nelson April 17, 2009 at 6:12 pm

What about..”Grouper Troopers”?


4 Jeff Phillips April 19, 2009 at 8:58 am


I believe you indirectly coined the name of the season in your article above. You said, “After the Spring Break season is over and before the summer season crowds the shores, there has always existed a perennial lag.”

Call the season “The Spring Perenial”.

My wife and I will be visiting our condo 4-24 to 4-28 and we look forward to the smaller crowds.


5 Janet Moran April 20, 2009 at 11:33 am

We are headed down on Saturday and looking forward to an “early summer, late spring” not waiting for tables at dinner weeklong vacation!


6 Wag the Dog April 21, 2009 at 7:24 am

How about “Not Spring Break”

That will attract folks who
have been wanting to come down
but wait for it to be over.

You can add a few things like
jail time for the folks in the
two houses here that have been
absolutely ruthless in violating
the CCRs, Bay County law and our
sensibilities in our neighborhood.


7 Jack Bishop April 21, 2009 at 8:01 am

Smoooth Jazz was everything we could have hoped for. Filled rooms, put guests in the restaurants, and it looked like they did some shopping.

Great Job seeing the advantage of a class festival, coming to PCB, with a positive impact on a the beach.


8 Kirk Lancaster April 22, 2009 at 9:24 am

These “shoulder seasons” are the best time to visit Panama City Beach, hands-down. I agree these seasons have the best opportunity for growth. Great article, Cebo.