Panama City Beach to get new Library

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Members of various civic and community groups have joined with the City of Panama City Beach to plan, design and built a new library building. Chairman Doug Gilmore has met with the approximately 30 members and plans are being made to involve all interested community members in the project.  Gilmore also represents the Beach on the Bay County Library System board.

The Panama City Beach library is a member of the Bay County System and presently serves more patrons than any other branch library in the system.  With only 4500 square feet, the library provided service to 72,590 people during the past year.

During the summer months, 844 children attended the reading program and more than 667 participate in the afternoon program. The library also provided free internet service to 25,125 people during the past year. Library members of all ages contribute to the large usage and as the number of winter visitors increases so do the number using the library. The literacy program, English as a second language, continues to expand and has out-grown the present facility.

The 10,000 square feet library building will be located on Hutchison Boulevard and Lyndell in the government complex that already is home to the Senior Center and Lyndell Community Center. The architect firm, Collins and Associates, has prepared a plan that includes a children’s reading and learning center, computer/technology center, young adult/teen activities area, reference and reading section, and literacy classroom. The estimated cost of the building is $1.5 million with the majority of the funding coming from a State of Florida Library grant of $500,000 and City impact fees. A request for proposals will be issued during September.


For additional information contact City of Panama City Beach, Jo Smith, 233-5100

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