Photos from You – Beach Wedding, Pier Park New Year, West End Sunset

by January 17, 2009 • 2 comments

Every week we’ll feature photos from you, the reader, of anything from crowded streets at Pier Park, to finger crabs scurrying across the beach.  They say pictures are worth a thousand words, share your words with  Submit your photos and share your Panama City Beach pictures.

Submitted by Debbie Massey

Elizabeth Massey weds Daniel Walsh in a romantic Panama City Beach wedding.

Submitted by Serry Lambert

Bill, Sherry, Casey, and Kelly New Year’s at Pier Park

Submitted by Peri Schaeffer

West-end sunset on Panama City Beach – amazing.

Submitted by Jason Koertge

On Thomas Drive, firefighters fought a car fire that erupted in a violent blaze Saturday morning.

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1 Rob N January 19, 2009 at 9:50 am

My house is on the beach down on the west end. The best sunsets for sure…


2 Jennifer Richards June 3, 2010 at 2:23 pm

Forget the rain!!! Beach brides to be in the sunshine state have more to worry about these days than that! As the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico inches near the Florida coast, hundreds if not thousands of couples who wished to share their nuptials on the beautiful beaches of the panhandle and gulf coast may have their wedding plans delayed if not ruined!

Beach weddings are a million dollar a year industry in the sunshine state, with 80% of companies operating on the white sand beaches of Destin, Navarre Beach, Clearwater, Siesta Key and all along the beautiful gulf coast where the pristine waters and white sands are the perfect backdrop for a tropical beach wedding.

This sadly may become a thing of the past as the murky black oil creeps to the Florida shores, ravaging everything in its path from the marine wildlife and delicate ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico, to the fishing and tourism industry. There is not even a number expected of how long the clean up will take, or the long lasting effect it will have on the Gulf Shores!

One thing is for certain, the gulf coast brides to be will have to keep abreast of changing situations as the oil reaches the shores! Back up plans need to be made well in advance to prevent a last minute catastrophe of a wedding ruined due the beaches being closed or worse covered in filthy thick oil!

Many east coast beach companies are offering to give emergency back up service to those couples effected by the oil spill in the Gulf. We are willing to be very flexible and assist in any way we can with accommodations for the couples effected by the spill. The impact expected on the Atlantic Coast is uncertain at this time, but is predicted to be minimal especially for the time being. I hope that other venues are willing and able to open their arms to them at a short notice. We are giving Gulf Coast brides and grooms top priority in scheduling!

I now wonder what is going to become of these beach wedding companies and all other industry’s that are based on the beaches in the Gulf. Will this accident be permanently devastating to those who have worked very hard to operate a successful business. Will they have to close or move? Who will be held responsible? Will BP? The insurance industry? Or will these hard working people, with their livelihood stripped from them, have no recourse at all. Like the long term effects of this spill, only time will tell!

This article was written by

Jennifer Richards of My Beachside Wedding
North East Florida’s premier Beach Wedding Provider