Project Update – New Panama City Airport

by February 14, 2009 • 1 comment

Contract 1: Heavy Civil and Airfield Lighting

On the Heavy Civil and Airfield Lighting contract, the construction team has completed 75% of the contract work and used only 51% of the contract time.  The following milestones have been reached:

  • 85% of the 15” concrete paving lanes have been placed on 8,400 linear feet of Runway 16-34.
  • Runway 16-34 Touch Down Zone and Centerline light cans are being set.
  • On Taxiway D and main terminal apron, all lime rock base and the first lift of asphalt paving is in place.

Production volumes in place are as follows:

  • 62,354 tons of asphalt pavement in place (both airside and landside).
  • 151,307 square yards of landside lime rock base and 130,885 square yards of flightline P-211 lime rock base have been installed in accordance with the project specifications.
  • 47,000 cubic yards of the 67,200 cubic yards of 15” concrete runway pavement is in place.
  • 98% of the original RCP storm sewer installations are complete (33,086 linear feet).
  • 66,258 linear feet of perforated under-drain has been installed along the taxiways and runways (42% of total).Storm sewer installation within the General Aviation Area is 30% complete.
  • 5.7 million cubic yards of earth has been moved (99% of total).
  • Mass grading within Pond C now 98% complete.
  • 105 pieces of heavy equipment in operation at any one time with approximately 123 personnel on site.

Contract 2:  Terminal Building, ATCT and Support Buildings

On the Terminal Building, ATCT and Support Buildings contract, the construction team has completed 14% of contract work and utilized 19% of the contract time.  Specific work includes the following:

  • Terminal: Shoring for Level 2 areas B and C continues in the terminal building.
  • Terminal: Plumbing rough-in continues.
  • Air Traffic Control Tower: Excavation around auger cast piles is complete and ready for installation of pile cap.
  • Air Cargo Facility: Completed slab pour at truck well/forming retaining walls.
  • Public Safety Building: Rebar at perimeter footings nearly complete.

Contract 3:  Utility Contract

On the Utility Contract, the construction team has completed 4% of contract work and utilized 6% of the contract time.  On the Main Access Road:

  • 12” water main:  38% complete
  • 8” force main:  38% complete
  • 3W2” Power Distribution Duct Bank: 26% complete
  • Street light duct work: 36% complete


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1 Comment


1 Matt G February 16, 2009 at 1:44 pm

Best part of all this is, it’s good to see people are being employed with good paying jobs during these tough economic times.