Q & A with Fahlgren, Panama City Beach’s New Creative/Ad Team

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Q. How long has Fahlgren been in business?

A. Fahlgren was established in 1962.

Q. How many offices do you have and where?

A. Fahlgren, Inc., is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and has a total of seven other locations including Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Atlanta, Ga.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; Parkersburg, W.V.; Denver, Col. Plus, our media partner, Real Media Solutions, is based in Tampa.

Q. What makes Fahlgren the ideal agency for PCB?

A. We believe Fahlgren is an ideal partner for PCB for many reasons as we outlined in the cover letter of our proposal:

– We have offices in key areas including Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Atlanta and the Midwest (Ohio).

– We have the same consumer research tools and resources of the largest agencies, but we are independently owned and able to serve our clients nimbly and attentively.

– As an integrated marketing agency, we are experienced in all forms of media, and we understand how to build a synergistic overall program.

– Fahlgren has a dedicated tourism and leisure practice area focused on serving tourism clients and analyzing key trends.

– Having worked for many years as the agency of record for VISIT FLORIDA, our firm has extensive knowledge of Florida tourism.

– As a result of this experience, our media team has relationships and “buying clout” in key feeder markets.

– Our team also developed and managed the industry-standard of co-op programs with VISIT FLORIDA.

– We have received accolades from the Florida’s Governor Charlie Crist on our efforts promoting tourism in the Sunshine State.

– We have airline and launch event experience.

– We are established and strong in the areas PCB values most, including creative, media planning, and social media.

Q. What were you initial thoughts on Panama City Beach’s image?

A. We view Panama City Beach as a fun place for everyone. We have several staffers who’ve vacationed there with their families, have been there during spring break, and one associate who even had a destination wedding there this past spring.

Q. What are your preliminary plans to change PCB’s “party” perception?

A. We know a lot of research has already been done on this topic, and we look forward to better understanding all sides of the issue and working with the CVB and area partners to develop the right plan for the community.

Q. Is there any particular creative direction that you foresee going in right off the bat?

A. We’ve got more creative ideas at this point than we know what to do with, but we look forward to applying the right strategy to develop a marketing campaign that gets the results the CVB and its partners seek.

Q. Do you have any comments on the creative direction of Panama City Beach’s past?

A. We know an evolution of the creative direction has already begun, and we’re excited to add a new dimension that builds on that momentum.

Q. How will you use the new airport as a spring board for PCB’s future?

A. We know that the airport is a total game changer. It puts a national spotlight on PCB like never before. It opens up new possibilities for partnerships and promotions, and it allows us to truly compete for tourists from cities that weren’t a possibility before its existence.

Q. How do you plan to use your talent to boost Panama City Beach’s off-season tourism?

A. Overall, we strive to use our talents to develop striking creative and place it in traditional and nontraditional areas that we know are meaningful to our audiences. Our creative has to get noticed and it has to reach consumers at the right place at the right time to engage them to take action. We’ll be developing a year-round plan to boost tourism on and off season. Specifically, we’re looking at possibly tapping into our current client base to create some unique partnerships.

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