Receivership and Why it isn’t that Scary

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WOW what a week for Real Estate for me with so many great things to write about. I could not decide if I needed to write an article or get some extensive therapy or maybe change jobs. Just when we thought we had this condo thing almost figured out we get thrown another Real Estate curve ball. Receivership has been a word that keeps cropping up in Real estate circles with many more questions than answers, so I thought I would get the scoop by reading and calling different groups whose complexes are already in Receivership.

First of all quite simply: Receivership happens for many reasons but for our purposes in really easy layman terms I will share what little I know. If a developer owns a property and is no longer able to pay, the developer oftentimes will sign over ownership, and in other cases the Receiver comes in and manages the complex and the developer retains ownership. Now keep it mind this is quite simplified, but the thing that potential condo buyers want to know is how does it impact them and is it always a bad thing????

I have had many questions about what this means for my potential buyers. This is an impossible question to answer with a blanket statement because it depends on the overall stability of the complex. The fear that many buyers have when looking to make a purchase is the ability of the HOA to fund itself and what happens when owners do not pay. Does the complex go down the tubes? Or better yet are the few owners that ARE paying stuck with a huge assessment? While these are valid concerns that is not always the case so it is best to check out each complex and see also if the bank is willing to fund them. In spite of the horror stories out there, many banks will loan money on a complex that is in Receivership so it is not an automatic death sentence for the condo. Do your homework before you cross a troubled condo off your list. Have confidence that is in the banks best interest that the complex remains stable. The new standards are very stringent and are designed to keep us from going down the same dark road again.

The other fears that buyers have when they find out a condo is in Receivership is the prospect of the remaining condos going to auction further driving the prices down. While that may happen the fact remains that until things sell then nothing is going to recover. The best thing to know about values in a complex is that they are a moving target. If you are buying in today’s market you are getting a DEAL. If all was perfect and the complex was completely solid then we would not be talking and you would be buying at yesterdays prices. Prices may jump around for a few more years but now is still a great time to get the most bang for your buck.

So this big bad thing called Receivership may not be the awful foe that is painted out to be. Please check with your bank and get their take on it and by all means check out the solvency of the Home Owners Association and you many just find out that you can get a really great deal. If you are a condo buyer, chances are you realize that you need to plan on enjoying it for many years to come and build the memories with your friends and family that no recession or threat of one can take away. There are many people (especially the news) that at times will paint an awful picture when that may not be the case. I assure you sitting on your beach front balcony may enhance your life and make you think about what really is important and you will find that they are all sitting on the balcony with you. Once again, thanks for the therapy and I think challenges and all. . . I will keep my job!!!! Besides I get to work a and live on the beach, what a country!!!!

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