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A couple buddies of mine, Paul Wohlford and Steve Bailey, started  I’ve helped them get their internet presence off the ground, but they are doing a phenomenal job at launching awesome product and educating the community about red fishing.  Check out the press release below and support them by visiting their website, and buying a cool shirt!

‘Redfish Riviera’ established to promote growing sport

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL (September 22, 2008) —Two local fishing enthusiasts decided to pair their love of redfishing with the growing popularity of the sport by launching a new company, Redfish Riviera, Inc.  The outfitters dedicated to the sport of redfishing, created by Paul Wohlford and Steve Bailey, sells a wide range of apparel and specialty items to sportsmen and families.  In addition, the company educates consumers about the sport of redfishing, provides information about redfish tournaments and locations, and connects anglers with one another.

The name plays on a well-know nickname for the gulf coast region as the “Redneck Riviera”.  Wohlford, president of the company, said the idea was born during a Tourist Development Council meeting when they were discussing upcoming Redfish tournament sponsorship opportunities.  Steve Bailey, CEO of the company, and Wohlford trademarked the name, and Redfish Riviera, Inc. became official in April 2008.

“Since then, we have been approached to cast the name on restaurants and lodges,” said Wohlford of the popular name.  “I don’t know where the applications will go in the future.  We are focused on growing the company at this point, and expanding our reach to retailers, outfitters, marinas and resorts across the southeast. The early results have exceeded our expectations. Maybe that’s because redfishing is the fastest growing segment of sports fishing, and is said to be approaching bass fishing in terms of popularity.”

The Redfish Riviera spans the shores of Brownsville, Texas, along the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic coast of Florida, up to Surf City, NC.

The sport has gained popularity in recent years and has spawned into a sportsman’s ‘must do’.  According to the Inshore Fishing Association’s website “inshore fisheries have flourished much quicker than anyone could have imagined since the banning of netting”.  The redfish or red drum has become one of the most sought after fish on the Gulf and Atlantic shores.

“It has really grown into a household name to sportsmen throughout the country,” says Bailey.  “It is a very eco and family friendly sport, too.  With fuel prices the way they are, this is not the kind of fishing you have to run offshore 70 miles to do.  It’s all inshore, and state laws regulate fishermen to size and bag limit. Redfish are a very protected species.”

Primarily an inshore fish, the average redfish weighs from 6 to 12 pounds, but can weigh up to 50 pounds. Redfish are a bottom-feeding, schooling species common along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts. Typically located on flats, redfish can also be caught in reefs, bays and marshes. They live in shallow water and can be recognized by a dark spot on the tail.  They became trendy as a food fish after being offered as blackened redfish in New Orleans restaurants and became popular as a game fish as more former bass anglers got turned on to inshore saltwater fishing.

Redfish Riviera, Inc. has already grabbed the attention of major networks and tournament organizers in their short time of existence.  Wohlford and Bailey recently accepted an invite to join a crew of the Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup Pro-Am Team.  They will partner with a Redfish Cup Professional Angler and fish the flats of Pensacola in the Pro-Am Tournament. The event is being televised on ESPN2 and ESPN Outdoors. Bailey said they are thrilled to have the opportunity to promote their new company on a national platform.  “We’ll see where it takes us,” said Bailey. “It’s a great opportunity for us and we are excited to be part of it.”

Redfish Riviera, Inc. promotes the major redfish tours and their tournaments.  They also sponsor a team, Team Redfish Riviera, who recently claimed a top 10 finish at the IFA Redfish Tournament presented by Cabela’s in Navarre Beach, FL.

“Down the road we hope to expand by offering guide services, restaurant and accommodation partners, as well as introducing redfishing to new anglers” said Wohlford.  “Really, with the way this sport is growing, the possibilities are endless.” For more information on Redfish Riviera, to view tournament schedules or to purchase merchandise visit

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