SallieMae – 700 Bay County Jobs at Risk

by September 16, 2009 • 1 comment

In today’s economic climate it is vital that our legislators support policies that will keep good paying jobs with competitive benefits in our community.

Currently Congress is debating legislation  that would make the federal government the sole provider of student loans.  Congressman Boyd has been a leading supporter of alternative student loan reform legislation that would allow private sector firms such as Sallie Mae to continue to originate and service student loans.

This alternate plan would save over 700 jobs here in Bay County.  We are lucky to have a company like Sallie Mae that brings jobs to this community.  It is our hope that Congress will pass legislation that will preserve private sector student lending and the jobs it creates in our community.

We encourage the community to contact our elected officials in D.C. and voice your opinion on protecting the jobs at Sallie Mae.  Private business has proven time and time again that it can and does operate efficiently.

A website has been set-up,, that simplifies having your voice heard and we encourage you to spread the word to your friends and family to please step up and help protect the many families that will be affected should this alternative bill not pass.

Click below to sign the petition.

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