Save Money on Homeowners Insurance – Q&A, Part Two

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Last week we addressed the Wind Mitigation inspection and how you could save some bucks on your home owners insurance. Since space would not allow I only gave a brief introduction to what was involved and how it resulted in savings for you. This week we are going to go a little deeper and answer some other questions you may have about the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection form. Again, please consult an expert that can help you as I have borrowed this information from an article written by John Staab a licensed inspector as well as the web site of Richard Pickle inspector in the Orlando Area.

Q. What does the inspector look for in a wind mitigation inspection?

A. 8 points on the inspection, 6 of which deal with the roof, also, construction type and opening protection

Q. How does a wind mitigation inspection benefit a homeowner?

A. It allows the insurance company to apply discounts to the windstorm portion of their homeowners insurance policy.

Q. What does the inspector look for in a 4 point inspection?

A. The 4 point inspection covers the HVAC (air conditioning), electrical, plumbing and roof components of the home.

Q. How does a 4 point inspection benefit a homeowner?

A. Many companies require a 4 point inspection on older homes for renewal on their existing insurance policies.

Q. What is the biggest problem found that can lower your insurance rate the most?

A. The biggest problem is usually when a homeowner has hurricane protection on all the windows but does not have a front door or garage door that meets the required code.

Q. Can this problem be easily corrected or improved?

A. Yes, impact resistant doors can be installed.

Q. What are the most affordable changes or upgrades homeowners can make to lower their insurance?

A. Opening protection such as hurricane shutters and impact resistant doors are one of the easiest steps and biggest cost savings. Gable end bracing secures roofs to the building structure. One way to accomplish this is adding more lumber and bolts in the attic to secure the roof better.

Q. What is the top rated roof type and building requirements to receive the lowest homeowners insurance rates?

A. Any roof that meets the 2001 building code receives the maximum discounts. A hip roof shape is the most resistant to wind and therefore qualifies for greater discounts.

Q. Is there anything a homeowner can check on themselves to help reduce homeowners insurance? Will the insurance companies go on the homeowner’s word or does an inspection report need to be submitted for insurance companies to give a discount?

A. The homeowner can check to see if their opening protection, including all doors, is up to the 2001 Florida Building code. The insurance companies require the inspection to verify the wind mitigation devices.

If your current Florida homeowners insurance does not reflect that your home meets the wind protection requirements an inspection can save you $100’s of dollars per year (20% to 50% on your policy.) Let us know if we can point you in the direction of some great local inspectors who can inspect your home so you can get those savings. As always I get to learn so much by bringing these tips to you and remember. . . “The only people we have to get even with are those that have helped us” I hope your get-even list is a long one.

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