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Laketown Wharf – Corus Bank “Unlikely to Survive ’09”

February 5, 2009 • 4 comments

The future of Laketown Wharf in Panama City Beach is again dealt a blow of uncertainly as the owning bank, Corus shows increasing signs of weakening.  Friday, they reported a […]

by Jason Koertge

Monologue of a Laketown Wharf Buyer

December 17, 2008 • 16 comments

If you are in the market for furniture, I have some for sale.  Actually, it’s a credit at Resort Interiors/Resort Ready Rooms.  I own $17,432.00 worth of furniture, accessories, custom […]

by Walked from Laketown

Laketown Wharf – Corus Bank bracing for money outflow

November 20, 2008 • 1 comment

I’ve had some dialogue with a Corus Investor who has been kind enough to keep me updated with what Corus is up to regarding Laketown Wharf.  Below is the most […]

by Jason Koertge