panama city beach tdc meeting notes

Jack Bishop asks TDC; “We Need More Help with the Seafood, Wine & Music Fest

March 9, 2010 • 6 comments

Tuesday’s combined TDC/CVB meeting at City Hall covered topics such as the impact of extra sporting events and sports marketing on Panama City Beach, (numbers are up and new events […]

by Ellie Cominos

Panama City Beach’s New Era Starts With Fahlgren & Lou Hammond

September 10, 2009 • 0 comments

The era of Y-Partnership is over. Y-Partnership’s replacement as the ad agency to represent Panama City Beach is Fahlgren, a sharp group based out of Ohio with ties to VisitFlorida […]

by Cebo Campbell

Website, Summer Marketing and The End of Spring Break?

April 14, 2009 • 4 comments

The Website is coming! The Website is coming! I’m totally excited, the city is excited and, with an ultra-comprehensive summer media marketing campaign, everyone will be excited. . . or […]

by Cebo Campbell

Notes and Comments from the 2/6/08 TDC/CVB Marketing Committee Meeting

February 13, 2008 • 3 comments

9 of the 11 committee members were present. Absent were Debi Knight and Ann Henry. Holiday Celebration Committee member Paul Wohlford made a presentation on the options for a holiday-oriented […]

by Bryan Durta

The 2008 TDC/CVB Strategic Planning Process Begins

January 25, 2008 • 2 comments

The Bay County TDC/CVB began its 5 year strategic planning process with a 6 hour workshop held at Edgewater Beach Resort on January 22nd. The workshop was moderated by Bob […]

by Bryan Durta

TDC/CVB Indian Summer Festival Meeting – January 3, 2008

January 3, 2008 • 6 comments

The Indian Summer Festival Committee met on January 3rd, 2008 to discuss the CVB’s options for the 2008 festival. The festival is quite different from other special events receiving CVB […]

by Bryan Durta

Panama City Beach TDC Meeting Notes from Tuesday’s Meeting

November 29, 2007 • 3 comments

Notes from the November 27, 2007 Combined Board Meeting of the Bay County TDC and the PCB CVB Eight of the nine board members were present with Buddy Wilkes absent. […]

by Jason Koertge