The Beach Show Secrets to Success

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This is really not a tip, rather an explanation of what Jason and I are up to and how and why we do the thing we do (sounds like a song). As many of you know, for the past 19 weeks we have been having a great time doing It is the ONLY INTERNET TV SHOW ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE on Panama City Beach. If you know both of us and many of you do, I do not have to tell you who the techno brain child is. . . AND it ain’t me.

Realtors and others call me each week to find out how can they get on our goofy little show and does it cost anything for their property to be featured? So I thought an explanation was in order. Jason came up with the idea that this format would be an incredible, far reaching way to get the word out about hot properties and be an incredible marketing tool. It has far surpassed that and we are having a great time while doing it. WE do not charge any money for listings to be on our site and we have a high integrity level of what makes the grade for the show. I am in charge of searching the internet and the streets in hot pursuit of what I think is a great deal. We consider price, rental dollars, affordability and basically finding what the real customers are looking for. Bottom line, if it looks great to me I bet you will like it too.

Each week I pick 3 great deals and many times they are not our listings so I call and get permission from the listing Realtor and we go shoot a video. WE give a very informal preview of the home and why we think it is a hot deal. It is not rehearsed as you can tell and we just want to be fun and informative. It is our quest for people to feel like we are having a conversation with friends about the Real Estate that we find while living and loving our beach. We have met so many nice people because of this adventure and have built great relationships with other Realtors as well. We just love it when one of the properties sells whether it is ours or not. It is kind of our version of paying it forward.

We shoot every Tuesday, rain or shine, and Jason spends the better part of that day and night uploading and editing the video. About midnight I usually write my Real Estate tips because who wants to do it early? Thanks to Hunter Palmer each week for providing us with a Mortage minute. You will find on the air and up and running each Wednesday at 11:00 AM and again on PCBdaily the following Monday. Please feel free to share it with your friends and let us know what you think.

You will notice that sometimes we keep visiting an area and it seems that some areas become hot areas because the price has finally hit the point where people start buying. A perfect example of that would be Wild Heron. Last year much of nothing sold and this year it has busted wide open with over 20 houses and condos selling since January, not to mention the lots are moving now as well. I am excited to say that condos on the beach are moving too and the buyers just keep on coming.

We so appreciative of all the Realtors who have been so kind to cooperate with us and also are tickled when they call us up and say, “Karen I think I have a hot one.” If we think it is a super deal then we may switch properties at the last minute and go shoot that one. Last week was great example as we were heading in one direction and found out about a foreclosure that just hit the market we turned the jeep around and headed west. Of the 3 properties that we featured in Episode 18 we are happy to report that 2 out of 3 are under contract. Wow you just gotta love it!!!!

What an exciting time to be a Realtor, no more business as usual. But who wants business as usual, NOT ME. I love that we are having to stretch and grow and reach and climb and find different ways of reaching our market. I think the thing I most like about challenging times is the power and the persistence that I see in people. Creativity is born and new ways of doing life are fostered. Hellen Keller put it just right for all of us today. . . “One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.” I do not know about you but I am not much for creeping and it is a good thing because our market today calls for us to SOAR!!!!!!

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