Tropical Storm Bertha update

by July 14, 2008 • 1 comment

Ok, back to work, Jason.  My vacation has put me a little out of touch, but I really needed it.

The second named storm for the Atlantic Season, Tropical Storm Bertha, with winds at 65 mph, is beating up on Bermuda right now with projections leading it to the east, deep into the Atlantic by Saturday.

Tropical Storm Bertha poses no threat to the Panama City Beach area at this time.

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“Tropical Storm Bertha continues to move to the east of Bermuda, with tropical storm force winds impacting the island this morning. The center of Bertha is located about 90 miles southeast of Bermuda. Maximum winds are near 65 miles per hour. Bertha is moving to the north-northwest near 8 miles per hour, with a gradual turn to the north today and eventually northeast tomorrow. The beaches of Bermuda will continue to be battered by 12 to 18 foot waves, particularly on the south and east facing beaches.

Swells generated by Bertha will continue to impact the United States’ East Coast today and tomorrow, bringing an elevated risk of rip currents to much of the East Coast. 4 to 7 foot seas are expected in many spots. The greatest chance of rip currents comes a couple of hours either side of low tide. If you are visiting an beach on the United States East Coast and are not an experienced surf swimmer, do not venture out into the water past your knees, and do not venture into the surf at a beach without lifeguards!

In the central Atlantic, an area of low pressure is organizing about 1500 miles east of the Lesser Antilles, and could become a tropical depression later today.”

Surfs up on the east coast.

Again, please be sure to prepare in case we should be threatened by a hurricane and check back here often for updates.  I will track tropical systems and hurricanes closely if their threat is relevant to our area providing multiple updates daily, if necessary.

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1 Navyweather July 14, 2008 at 8:35 am

Bertha may not be a threat, but the tropical wave east of the Islands bears close watching. A few models we use bring it into two places. Either C. America in a week, or the Gulf in 10 days. This wave could ebcome our next Tropical Depression either late today or tomorrow.