PCBDaily Twitter Weekly Updates for 09-30-2008

by September 30, 2008 • 0 comments

  • Bikes all over pier park lavela #
  • Fall is here with a cool morning at 66 degrees #
  • Bikers everywhere. #
  • Marty mcdanial is saying that our 2 percent increase this year in bed tax over last year may have been directly from recovery collectios #
  • At revenue enhancement meeting. Talking about how to increase bed tax #
  • Frank brown park and la vela are coming to life #
  • Airport meeting over check pcbdaily.com for the full update this afternoon. #
  • 10,000 foot runway not final. 15 depth is. Waiting on final permitting from faa for 10,000 feet. Also centerline lighting approved. #

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