PCBDaily Twitter Weekly Updates for 10-7-2008

by October 7, 2008 • 0 comments

  • About to adjorn for an hour to allow architecture firm to come up with costs. #
  • At airport workshop meeting. Airport board grilling architecture firm about fees for redesign. #
  • The race has started and the bud light boat is in the lead. Holy crap these things are fast. And loud, very loud. #
  • On top of seahaven, full course in view, waiting for races to start #
  • They justed started the aqua mania. It has a turbine jet engine and sounds like it is about to take off. #
  • These boats, as they crack to life and the revs roar, I’m certain they can be heard for miles. #
  • At the boat race pits at marina landing. These boats are crazy loud. #

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