PCBDaily Twitter Weekly Updates for 11-4-2008

by November 4, 2008 • 0 comments

  • I’m totally wiped after walking the ironman race since 5am this morning #
  • working on a timelapse video of the ironman race that is actually still occurring. The pros have been done for a few hours #
  • I’m waiting in a hallway outside a secret room for an ironman media pass. #
  • Getting some lunch at j michaels. Love the fiik! #
  • I just got some very interesting information about what Corus Bank is doing with Laketown Wharf, check pcbdaily later to find out! #
  • @GrandPanama thank for following pcbdaily.com! #
  • @Tuulidog thanks for following pcbdaily.com! #
  • @getthebubbles thanks for following pcbdaily.com! in reply to getthebubbles #
  • I’m going over the spring break proposal presented at the tdc meeting today. #
  • @grandpanama thanks for following #

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