Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-17

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  • Don’t forget to go to pier park today for st patricks day. #
  • @BjComedy Was that you behind the Summit on stage today? the frozen butter was terrible. still gagging thinking about it. #
  • @Jon_Devore I was out there, but I left at 2:30 after no show. what time did you guys end up jumping? #
  • I give up on the redbull act. I’m going home. #
  • spinaker, but still no copter. – Photo: #
  • Spring break 2009 behind spinaker – Photo: #
  • I’m out behind spinaker, waiting for the redbull aerobatic helicopter to perform. #
  • What’s your favorite thing about Panama City Beach? #
  • @DustinBryson sweet! #
  • Arrrgh – Photo: #
  • Plans changed. At red rose pizzeria. Best local italian in pcb – Photo: #
  • I’m at Red Rose Gem – #
  • @DustinBryson haha, that’s great. You got some sweet shots yourself. What lens you using for your wide shots? #
  • got a hot date with my wife on the Betsy Ann Riverboat tonight! They’re our newest sponsor! #
  • Carousel gooing in at pier park – Photo: #
  • @MikeMcDaniel someone elses who’s letting me borrow it. #
  • You’ve got to love old trucks that barely start and have tons of play in the steering wheel. Sure is great for moving stuff though #
  • @pcbeach Lil Wayne pix #
  • Trying to get a new twitter app running for facebook fan pages #
  • @PCBeach yea, was there. totally crazy. you can see preliminary pix at check pcbaily l8r for hirez in reply to PCBeach #
  • Dude, more traffic! I wanna go home! – Photo: #
  • @DustinBryson yep, but some promo guys got me on the roof. I got some pretty sweet shots. #
  • Alright. Enough craziness for one day. I gotta go home and get some work done. #
  • Apparently this is lil waynes bus, and apparently he’s one of the most popular performers in the country – Photo: #
  • Alright, made onto a roof. Where’s a telephoto lense when you need it! #
  • Mtv just kicked all the media out. Sup with that. #
  • Lil wayne is two hours late, must have gotten caught in traffic #
  • Crowds are getting ready for the famous people to come on stage – Photo: #
  • A little backstage goodness – Photo: #
  • Press box baby – Photo: #
  • People are parked on the side of the road all the way down to ripleys – Photo: #
  • Wow. I probably say this every year, but I don’t remember it being this conjested last year. #
  • Traffic on middlebeach road traveling towards the beach before walmart. – Photo: #
  • Heading to boardwalk to check out the RPS tourney #
  • As you can tell, I’m quite amazed at the fog and how it can be clear just a few blocks away – Photo: #
  • Wow, just came out of the gym and the fog is completely gone! #
  • The fog has actually cleared a little from an hour ago when the visibility was maybe 150 feet. – Photo: #
  • The trash was disgusting, but I had actually expected worse. Not sure if that is good or bad. #
  • Trash trash every where. – Photo: #
  • I just watched some guy smash a beer can on his head and throw it on the ground on thomas drive. #
  • I’m at Boardwalk Beach Resort – #
  • @karensbeach just ran into two of the competitors for the RPS tourney in the airport! #
  • The rock paper scissors champion is coming to Panama City Beach for a tournament tomorrow. yea, you heard me right. #
  • I’m at Regency Towers – #
  • Looks like some clouds are rolling in – Photo: #
  • Just heard that the “word on the street” was that all the hotels in pcb were full. Is this true? #
  • @SheenaBa who’s on fire?? The beach is super foggy in reply to SheenaBa #
  • Yes, that’s fog. You can barely make out the silhouette of the legacy hotel. – Photo: #
  • Big time line at sharkys – Photo: #
  • We have no idea how cool the avp tournament is going to be on pnama city beach. The crowds will be bigger than expected. #
  • Avp press conference – Photo: #
  • At avp press conference on top of seahaven – Photo: #
  • @DustinBryson If you are referring to the “new agency”. you guys should def put in an rfq when they are put out. in reply to DustinBryson #
  • They are reporting that jenn barbee will bring something that is fresh, hip and great. ‘Very fun stuff’. Refreshing. #
  • It has been recomended that a new agency be found at the end of the fiscal year. #
  • Tdc is very disappointed with agency, namely ypatnership. Buddy wilkes says the ‘wow’ is not in anything they are proposing #
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