Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-24

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  • Ahhh, bed finally. Look out for the newsletter in the morning. It talks about lifeguards. #
  • still working. . . sleepy. #
  • working on the newsletter – almost done! then I need to finish off a web site for a client, then bed, hopefully. #
  • @drew You’re a genius! *waiting for my site traffic to go up. #
  • Unbeatble prices. Spring break at walmart. We’re almost done, hang in there! – Photo: #
  • At church for some much needed spiritual refreshment. #
  • Betsy ann riverboat murder mystery cruise tonight. – Photo: #
  • @MikeStokes they should be small, I send them from my phone. And they are jpgs. Practically universal. #
  • I’m at Betsy Ann Riverboat – #
  • Writing an article about making mobile social updates on a site that I contribute to. Can’t tell you yet. – Photo: #
  • Carousel is almost done. – Photo: #
  • We couldn’t ask for a more perfect day. I’m playing with the kids now, but I’ll be working later. #
  • – Twitpic #
  • @GoodCourage yes, it will be permanent #
  • The carousel crew said they’ll be hanging the horses tonight and it should be assembled tomorrow. – Photo: #
  • The carousel crew said they’ll be hanging the horses tonight and it should be assembled tomorrow. – Photo: #
  • The new carousel in pier park – Photo: #
  • Off to discuss the future of pcbdaily and other things we’re working on. Time will tell all. #
  • with @karensbeach helping her get all mobile and what not with twitter! #
  • Hey, who broke twitter? Got the fail whale! #
  • Have I told you how much @FooFighters rock? Nirvana radio on pandora radio is my best friend, daily. #
  • writing all about the flo rida concert yesterday, be sure to check the blog for pictures! #
  • Good show, way less chaotic this time. I’m leaving, gotta go home and get some work done. #
  • Back on the roof again at boardwalk beach resort. Flo rida is coming on. – Photo: #
  • Just had a sit down with the commissioner of the rock paper scissors guy. #
  • Wow, NERD is rockin the house #
  • At the flo rida show. Not as many people as lil wayne, but still hopin – Photo: #
  • NERD is playing right now, and they actually rock. Really rock. I love it. #
  • Ok, well I was talked into covering another crazy concert at the boardwalk. if you’re following me, watch for updates – flo rida #
  • Shooting went great! awesome weather. @lou1492 is doing the editing/film work. we’ll launch the show in 4 weeks – to be weekly. #
  • getting ready for the shoot of my new internet tv show! it’s all about real estate, so get ready! #
  • @Ryanyessman office day. what was going on today? another concert? I know, I’m out of touch. in reply to Ryanyessman #
  • Taking a bummed out son to five guys for some feel good burgers. #
  • Wow, the weather was crappy and overcast just 1 hour ago, but look at it now! – Photo: #
  • Panama City Beach on Daytime TV #
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