Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-07

by April 7, 2009 • 0 comments

  • Holy cold snap batman. 45 degrees in panama city beach. Geez, fingers numb. #
  • You know you are from florida if you’re freezing in 60 degree weather #
  • The new publix, office depot, and dunkin donuts at bechrich is almost done #
  • Red flag in the distance. Getting some arbys. Oh yea. – Photo: #
  • Swimming was great. Surf is way up. Skies are clear. #
  • Going swimming at seahaven with the kids. #
  • Going to a business meeting. Sounds stuffy, I know, but I’m still wearing my converse. #
  • Lunch with cabellas guy. Could be breaking story. #
  • sheesh #
  • weather report: it’s even more crumby out today than it was tuesday. raining cats, dogs and I thought I saw a cow. #
  • PLUG ALERT! Visit for everything Panama City Beach. #
  • going to shoot week three of the new show. we about have all the kinks worked out, launch on 4/16 #
  • Previewing property for our new real estate show set to launch 4/16! #
  • What a crumby day it outside. Yuck #
  • @pcblee take some cough medicine! in reply to pcblee #
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