Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-21

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  • just finishing up the newsletter. had a super busy weekend with all the events. been working today since 7 am. going to bed. . . soon. #
  • Awww, dude, this chicken is amazing. #
  • At red bar in grayton beach. This place is packed! Anyone have any connections here? #
  • Wow, awesome day at the zap skim jam. Now to the seabreeze jazz festival. #
  • Cebo brought his computer, copying pictures now. Sweet, you rock cebo! #
  • Arrghh. Ran out of memory on the dslr. Shot 800 pix already. Cebo’ going to put them on his computer. #
  • Skim jam – Photo: #
  • Ahhh, mid 60’s and clear skies. Perfect for doing anything outside on panama city beach. #
  • Eating fruitloops getting ready to go out to the skim jam. #
  • Whoa, pier park is packed out. #
  • Wow, fun times at the skim jam. Thank you mr surfs and edgewater beach resort. #
  • Am I cool cuz I’m hangin with the pros? – Photo: #
  • Goong out to the skim jam at edgewater #
  • Just held a gator #
  • Capt rick holding a gator with – Photo: #
  • Just held a gator #
  • Out for a croc tour on the swampvette – Photo: #
  • Just held a gator #
  • Is guy harvey british? Learn something new everyday. #
  • Was just told at guy harveys that they felt like I was a local celebrity. Wow, thanks rose! Great to meet u 2 #
  • Guy harvey in person in panama city beach – Photo: #
  • At the meet and greet at guy harveys in pier park in panama city beach – Photo: #
  • going to guy harveys to meet guy harvey! anyone else going? #
  • Don’t forget Episode 2 of The Beach Show will be live today at 3pm. #
  • On the roof of regency towers. I love rooftops! – Photo: #
  • @BSJMcConnell yea, just went out to see where and see them getting set up. #
  • I talked to my friends at edgewater and they said the cheer competition that’s going on up there will be sweet too #
  • Just went to pier park for jazz fest. Now to skim jam at edgewater #
  • Mmmm reeses puffd for breakfast. #
  • Going to shoot episode 2 of Going to see awesome luxury newer home for 171/foot. #
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