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  • @divaprod I agree, it sounds a bit stunt-ish but overall, I think a fall in love campaign will benefit that wedding market in PCB. in reply to divaprod #
  • Everyone on the board agrees with the “Fall In Love Again” theme. #
  • @divaprod actually they have talked wedding. Even Buddy Wilkes said something about having the worlds largest vow renewal. in reply to divaprod #
  • @Sunjammers hey brad, if there was a couples theme, could eco-tourism be a draw? in reply to Sunjammers #
  • @StefBarron Can you imagine running that theme and adding weekly events throughout the season. That is a recipe for success. in reply to StefBarron #
  • @lou1492 it’s amazing that this has not been used before? It can be run all the way to Valentines day. in reply to lou1492 #
  • Fall in love, again with Panama City Beach, sounds like a good and easily applicable theme. #
  • Flash Sales are huge sales that go to people who are within a database that happen over a short period of time. Kind of like “1 day only” #
  • Affordability of travel is up 97%. #
  • Anyone ever heard of Flash Sales? Apparently it’s a people are traveling again? #
  • “Fall…In Love” theme lends very well to selling rooms, I think. Easy to promote also. #
  • Y Partnership really hitting on the couples market. What do you think of the “Fall In…Love” theme? #
  • Apparently 6/10 people travel with spouse and do so in the fall. So should we suggest a couple’s market? #
  • @StefBarron Glad to help…and glad your listening. in reply to StefBarron #
  • Y Partnership starting their presentation. #
  • Is it me or is the word “niche” ambiguous? #
  • @StefBarron I hope that works out. It would be a blast. in reply to StefBarron #
  • Third comment on the commercial prefaced by “it’s a beautiful commercial, but…” #
  • 17 weeks for fall and winter with an event every other week. #
  • You pitch the season by creating micro events tied into one theme. Sounds good. #
  • The fall is filled with opportunties. Pier Park is in for being a venue for these events. #
  • Weekend street fairs? At Pier Park? Will that work? #
  • There are no answers yet, but the question is how to create a compelling invitation to potential tourists. #
  • Is the core market for fall just an extension of the summer tourist? #
  • Discussions about fort waltons fall marketing. #
  • Talk has steered towards trying to distinguish fall from winter. Jack Bishop encouraged the dialog. #
  • Let’s talk fall marketing. #
  • At the Tdc meeting. #
  • @cebocampbell you’ll just barely make it. but the real question is whether I can make it. in reply to cebocampbell #
  • I know they said it was a slow week, but pier park is jam packed. #
  • Its really cleared up. Go outside for a stellar sunset in just a little bit. #
  • Skies are looking great, concerts in the park at pier park is a go! #
  • @lou1492 better. These form based design regulations should benefit the city and incentivize future developments. in reply to lou1492 #
  • Many of these potential regulations could change PCB. #
  • Who knew there were so many different frontages in development? #
  • Lots of frustrated comments on lack of views because of new buildings and phasing of front beach rd developments. #
  • Lots of people here discussing previous public comments such as building hieghts and design. #
  • At the builders workshop discussing future Panama City Beach developments. #
  • Clouds looking nasty to the west, but I can see blue skies to the east. #
  • going to see my buddies at Edgewater Beach Resort! #
  • RT @BayTownTrolley:Can you feel it? 1 day 15 hours 40 minutes. #
  • RT @toocreative:do you use a mac? check this out. pretty cool! #
  • raining this morning, supposed to rain all day, concerts in the park at pier park tonight? I hope. #
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