Weekend Weather – Cold & Wet

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Just when we thought we were in the clear, and warmer days were marching into town, Jack Frost decided to extend his visit.

What a bum.

Weather Details for Feb 3-Feb 6, Thurs-Sunday.

Today, Feb 3:

Showers with a high of 44, with a low of 41.  50% chance of rain.  Sunrise at 6:32 am, Sunset at 5:22 pm.  New moon phase.

Friday, Feb 4:

Rainy. Stupid Rain. Grrr. High of 51, with a low of  43. 80% chance of rain. Double Grrr. Sunrise at 6:32 am, Sunset at 5:23 pm.

Saturday, Feb 5:

Mostly cloudy. High of 52, with a low of 33. 10% chance of rain. Sunrise at 6:31 am, Sunset at 5:24pm.

Sunday, Feb 5:

Sunny (now we’re talking, hi-five Sun!) High of 60, with a low of 43. 0% chance of rain. Sunrise at 6:30am, Sunset at 5:24pm.

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