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by January 22, 2011 • 0 comments

This week,  animal tails caught the attention of the Web.

A cat was summoned to jury duty.


This story starts innocently enough. The proud owner of a pet cat decided to put him down as a family member on a city census. Even though it was listed as a pet, that seemed to be enough for the Suffolk Superior Crown Court in Boston, which subsequently summoned the kitty, one “Sal Esposito,” to appear for jury duty.

Since the court doesn’t exactly include an opt-out for pets, Sal’s owner, Anna, marked that Sal was “unable to speak and understand English.” (but did they try speaking to Sal in legal Meowinology?) Regardless, the response was loud and clear,  Sal was expected to appear for duty.

The jury commissioner would like us to know that the error was actually quickly corrected, and no cat actually sat for a jury of its peers in a superior court. But that did not stop the story from going viral on the Web. Searches on the cat-astrophe lifted on “boston cat jury duty,” “cat jury duty,” and “sal esposito.”

Full Article here,  includes Giant Crayfish and a dying breed of Tasmanian Devils

Photo credit| Orange Web UK.

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